Prince Charles has allegedly informed Prince Harry that he is not his biological child.

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According to Globe, Prince Charles was forced to tell Prince Harry the truth because his wife, Meghan Markle wouldn’t stop whining.

Prince Charles allegedly got so fed up with Markle’s complaints that he summoned Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace. During their confrontation, Prince Charles told Prince Harry that he isn’t his biological father.

The soap opera-like narrative went on by claiming that Prince Charles detailed his relationship with Princess Diana during his conversation with the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Charles told Prince Harry that after Prince William’s birth, he and the Princess of Wales grew apart. Prince Charles allegedly accused Princess Diana of betraying him and having an affair with another man.

The heir to the throne also dropped another bombshell at Prince Harry. Prince Charles allegedly told him that he has always known that Markle’s husband isn’t his biological son. And he previously took a DNA test to prove his paternity.

After hearing what Prince Charles had to say, Prince Harry asked Prince Charles to tell him who his biological father way. However, the heir to the throne refused to say anything and he walked out of the room.

The source said that Prince Charles decided to keep Prince Harry’s paternity a secret from the public to protect him in some way. After all, if the Duke of Sussex isn’t his biological child, Prince Harry and Markle won’t be entitled to receive anything from the royal family.

And what dubious story about Prince Charles and Prince Harry’s relationship would be complete without mentioning James Hewitt. Princess Diana’s former lover is allegedly the real father of Prince Harry.

But during his interview with the Telegraph, Hewitt denied the claims. He said that he isn’t related to Prince Harry even though they are both gingers. In fact, Hewitt said that his affair with Princess Diana started after Prince Harry was born.

This isn’t the first time that Prince Harry is rumored to not be Prince Charles’ real child. In the past, Globe claimed that Prince Harry’s biological father is Welsh Guard officer Mark Dyer.

The only so-called evidence that the tabloid has is that Dyer and Prince Harry both have red hair.

However, it is important to note that some of Princess Diana’s relatives are gingers. And this is maybe the reason why Prince Harry’s hair is red even though Prince Charles’ hair isn’t.