While Nicole Kidman and Keith urban appear to be madly in love on most occasions, there have been reports of a rocky start in their marriage. Here is the truth about the couple’s prenuptial agreement in detail. 

Kidman and Urban had no qualms in admitting that things were not quite happy when they were newly married. Reports have it that the couple had entered into a complex prenuptial agreement, which became null and void when they were married for just one year.

The agreement got nullified because of Kidman’s lawyers had included a secret clause within the prenuptial. If the recent speculations of them having trouble in paradise are correct, it is Kidman who would financially benefit from their divorce. 

Reports had it that the couple had signed a legal agreement, which directed that for each year the pair remains married, Urban, who was less famous than the Big Little Lies star would get around $930,000. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a lavish wedding ceremony in Sydney. 

However, the agreement had a clause, which stipulated that if the country crooner got entangled into his well-known alcohol and drug addiction, their contract would be void. It was even reported that Kidman’s former husband Tom Cruise wanted her lawyers to ask that if Urban abused either of these, he has to stay in a rehabilitation center to protect their adopted children Connor and Isabella. 

Incidentally, Urban had to get into rehab only after a few months of his marriage to the Bombshell actress. So, it seems he violated both those clauses, New Idea reports. 

Urban and Kidman met for the first time in 2005 at an event called the G’Day USA Gala, which honors Australians in the city of Los Angeles. While Kidman got besotted with Urban almost immediately, the latter took some time to commit. 

Kidman recalled what a massive crush she had on Urban but he was not even interested in her then. The singer did not even call her for four months. The actual reason why the country crooner did not get in touch with the actress immediately was that he was in two minds about entering into a new relationship, US Weekly reports. 

The country singer soon became extremely popular courtesy of his associations with the Australian version of the music reality show The Voice and American Idol. However, his estimated net worth of $110 million was still substantially less than his actress wife who reportedly had a net worth of around $360 million. 

While there have been constant rumors about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban having frictions in their marriage, the couple is still going strong. The pair is currently in isolation at their Nashville home with their two daughters.