Hands down Patton Oswalt is one of the most inspirational, hilarious, and fantastic comedians across the United States. The comedian started his career as a stand-up in the late 80s and grabbed an opportunity to act in a popular sitcom, Seinfeld.

Oswalt is one of those rare talents that has made his mark not only in the stand-up but also in acting. Recently, the 51-year-old comedian streamed his seventh comedy special on Netflix called Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything.

The comedian went on Pete Holmes's podcast You Made It Weird for his latest special's promotion. The standup comedian revealed a hilarious incident that took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands while performing a comedy bit.

You Made It Weird is one of the most popular podcasts and as the title reads, the audio show focuses on highlighting a strange part of not only guests but also the host's life. Holmes and Oswalt are good friends and when they both came together, they discussed some really interesting things including the time when Oswalt performed being high.

The Grammy Award winning comedian explained that the incident took place when he performed in Norway after using marijuana. He ate an edible Snickers while underestimating the potency of the bar. It eventually caused him difficulty to focus on the set.

Oswalt admitted that he was unaware of the fact the bar could last for a week and supposed to be consumed one bite at a time. The King of Queens star had the whole bar and recalled, “I went on stage and here’s what’s weird: I could speak perfectly fine. I could form thoughts perfectly fine. I could not physically open my eyes.”

While Oswalt couldn't see the audience and go on with the jokes, the crowd could see the performer with eyes closed and anyway enjoyed his performance. His latest special is released in May 19, I Love Everything.

The standup took two nights to get recorded at the Knight Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina. There are more exclusive standup specials of Oswalt available on Netflix such as Thank You For Clapping, Werewolves and Lollipops, Annihilation, and Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time.

Oswalt talked about various aspects of his life such as turning 50-year-old, existential crisis, and owning a house. The comedian also shared a story when he attended his daughter's art show. Fans of Oswalt love this nerdy comedian for various things and performing while keeping his eyes closed just added a new flavor into his comedy as he discussed on Holmes podcast.