Nicole Kidman was reportedly devastated when her two adopted children Connor and Isabella opted to live with her former husband Tom Cruise and follow the Church of Scientology when the couple parted ways in 2001. 


The stunning Aussie actress has acknowledged that she now has a cordial relationship with her adopted children. However, the actress insists that they preferred to be associated with Scientology rather than live with their mom. 


For the universe, Kidman and her former spouse Cruise adopted Isabella and Connor who are now 26-year-old and 24-year-old respectively. When the Top Gun star and the Bombshell actress divorced, the children chose to live with Cruise, who is one of the most renowned Scientologists of the world, reports. 


Meanwhile, Kidman spoke to The Sun and opined that motherhood is like a journey. The Eyes Wide Shut actress mentioned that there would be “peaks and valleys” on a mother’s way irrespective of being a biological mother or an adopting mother. 


The actress further elaborated that kids require love from their parents. She said her adopted children chose to be Scientologists and she feels it is her responsibility as a parent to support and give them “unconditional love.”


Rumors had it that the actress had an extremely strained relationship with her adopted children in the past. It was even alleged that Nicole Kidman was not allowed to attend her son’s wedding to Silvia, a prominent leader of the Church of Scientology. 


She also had little contact with her daughter Isabella who is married now and resides in South London. The 53-year-old actress said she has accepted her children’s choices and pledged her love and support for them. 


The Aquaman actress tied the knot with the Top Gun actor in 1990. They married just a year after meeting while shooting for the film Days of Thunder. Cruise happens to be a staunch supporter of the Church of Scientology.


The Hollywood hunk has been associated with the controversial faith since 1990. It was reported that Mimi Rogers, his first wife introduced him to the faith. However, several prominent celebs that were associated with this community are known to severe their connection and discuss their experiences. 


On the other hand, Kidman is now reported to have a cordial relationship with her ex-spouse Cruise and is also trying her best to mend ties with her two eldest kids. The actress resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and is happily married to country crooner Keith Urban.


The couple shares two biological children called Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Nicole Kidman is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood today. She reportedly has an estimated worth of about £96 million at present.