Angelina Jolie joined as the lead actress for the Disney film Maleficent. The actress portrayed the title role of Aurora’s adoptive mom in the movie. Read on to know her salary in this fantasy film.


Over the passing years, Jolie did some amazing roles and has been acknowledged for her incredible acting skills. She has always grabbed headlines for both personal, as well as, professional reasons. 


Maleficent was released in 2014. Jolie played the title role in the film called Maleficent who used to be a ruler of the moors. Critics and fans both acknowledged that she was the ideal choice for this role. 


It is interesting to note here that Jolie returned to the big screen after a sabbatical of three years to act in this film. Before acting in Maleficent, her last movie was an animation film called Kung Fu Panda: Secrets Of The Masters, which released in 2011. She did a voice-over in the film for the master tigress. 


Although she returned to films after a break of three years, her paycheck remained unaffected. Her film Maleficent was a rage and was followed by a sequel called Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil


Angelina Jolie was also one of the executive producers for this Disney Franchise. It was reported that the actress was paid a shopping paycheck of about $33 million for acting in the fantasy film. This was apart from a share in the box office profits for the film and her role as a producer for the franchise.


In comparison, Beyonce was reportedly paid around $25 million for her work in The Lion King in 2019, reports. It also means Jolie took home a heftier check for her role through the film was released about six years ago.


In other news, Jolie is quarantining with her six children at her Los Angeles home. She keeps making headlines along with her former husband Brad Pitt for various reasons.


In an interview given to W-magazine, the Salt actress said that her former spouse’s actions changed her mind of becoming a biological mother. It seems that Pitt was so affectionate toward Zahara and Maddox, that the actress had a change of heart. 


Jolie said how the Troy star did not discuss having other children after the adoption of their two elder children. The actress felt he was pleased with the two of them as his kids.


However, Angelina Jolie wanted to get pregnant after she noticed how good Brad Pitt was with the two adopted kids. She mentioned that the feeling was something she could not express through words.