Fans of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were overjoyed when they witnessed the exes come together at the SAG Awards 2020. While the two actors looked like sharing a sweet moment, a supposed matchmaker of Hollywood insisted that it could be a step towards their reunion after the actor's divorce from Angelina Jolie. 

The Fight Club star got married to Angelina Jolie after he took a divorce from the Friends alum in 2005. Jen, on the other hand, went on to marry Justin Theroux after parting ways from the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor. 

Many felt that the Hollywood A-lister looked with great affection when his ex-wife was delivering her acceptance speech at this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Once she got down from the stage, the Troy star grabbed her playfully and they hugged each other. 

Meanwhile, Amber Kelleher Andrews appears to be convinced that the magical moment transformed the relationship between these two Hollywood stars. It looked like Pitt could hardly look elsewhere. 

Reports have it that the actor wanted Jen to stay by him during the event. The relationship matchmaker told The Sun that everyone around the duo wished they would reunite. 

She said both the actors have transformed personalities now. The duo had to go through life-changing experiences for distinct reasons according to her. While Jen suffered from loneliness 15 years ago after her divorce, Brad suffered the same fate some 13 years later after his split from Angelina Jolie. 

Both of them had to undergo an intense and painful divorce according to Andrews. However, she opines that the time spent away from each other can help the pair to build a more solid relationship in the future. 

Andrews also said that Jennifer Aniston did not utter a single negative word against Brad Pitt after their divorce though many people thought she was the victim. The matchmaker added the actor has parted ways from his second wife and would possibly realize how dignified The Morning Show star has been. 

Andrew feels that Jen’s positive behavior in the past makes her even more desirable to Pitt. The actor also appears to appreciate his former wife’s character and traits more than ever, according to her.

However, despite rumors surrounding Aniston and Pitt’s possible reunion, they have claimed to share a platonic relationship now. It is also obvious that Aniston is aware of how painful a breakup can be.

After her relationship with Pitt collapsed, the actress got married to Theroux but she divorced him as well. However, the actress has come out of her breakups more self-confident and stronger than before. 

It appears that Jennifer Aniston could come out more self-assured because of her excellent mindset during both the divorces. While she confessed to being confused and lonely after her divorce from Brad Pitt, she did not linger in the negativity and attended therapy, Showbiz Cheat Sheet reports.