Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are facing renewed speculation about the state of their marriage after Lopez shared a song with cryptic lyrics. On July 7, Lopez marked the anniversary of her "Cambia el Paso" music video by reposting it on Instagram. The song, which Lopez co-wrote, carries a powerful message about taking control and leaving a lover who doesn't deserve her.

"Her life is better now without him ... she doesn't need anyone to be well / She does not fail, she does not fail," the translated lyrics read. "He doesn't deserve to have her in his arms." This poignant message has raised eyebrows, especially given the ongoing rumors of marital strife between Lopez and Affleck.

The couple's relationship troubles first gained public attention after they were noticeably absent from the public eye for a month. Speculation intensified when Affleck moved out of their marital home, further fueling divorce rumors. Lopez's mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, has reportedly advised her daughter to end the relationship.

"Jennifer's mom told her, 'Cut your losses and move on to avoid getting any deeper in this mess,'" a source revealed. Rodriguez allegedly believes that her daughter "wasted years believing that Ben was some kind of knight in shining armor."

Despite the growing rumors, both Lopez and Affleck have continued to wear their wedding bands in public, suggesting a united front. However, insiders suggest that their continued togetherness might be more about business than romance.

"They've sunk a fortune into building up this joint brand," a source told In Touch. "So much time and money has been spent preparing all these different projects that they were both so gung-ho on just a few months ago, and now it's pretty much all down the drain because everything was based on their Bennifer brand."

Affleck has reportedly been struggling with the intense media scrutiny and the pressures of their relationship. The actor made headlines recently when he confronted photographers outside his Los Angeles home, expressing anger over the potential danger their presence posed to his daughter due to the flashes of their cameras.

"Ben has reached his breaking point amid the marital problems," an insider shared. "His loved ones are worried about him being in a really dark place." There have also been concerns about Affleck potentially relapsing, which prompted his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, to offer her support.

Lopez and Affleck, who rekindled their romance in April 2021 and married in July 2022, have faced intense public and media scrutiny since their reunion. Their high-profile relationship has been a subject of fascination, often referred to by the portmanteau "Bennifer."

Despite their best efforts to maintain a public image of unity, the couple's personal struggles have been laid bare. The pressures of their combined brand and the relentless media attention appear to have taken a toll on their relationship.

As Lopez's lyrics suggest a sense of empowerment and independence, her fans are left to wonder whether this marks a turning point for the singer-actress. Meanwhile, Affleck's visible frustration with the paparazzi indicates a man under significant stress, possibly grappling with the pressures of fame and personal turmoil.

While the couple has not publicly confirmed any plans to separate, the signals from both Lopez and Affleck suggest that their marriage is facing significant challenges. Whether they will navigate through these troubles together or decide to part ways remains to be seen.

For now, Lopez's cryptic song and Affleck's public outbursts have only added to the speculation, leaving fans and observers eagerly watching for any further developments in the saga of Bennifer.