Taylor Swift, the global pop sensation, has inadvertently found herself at the center of a simmering royal family feud. Following her meeting with Prince William, sources claim that tensions between the future king and his estranged brother, Prince Harry, have escalated. The incident, which has grabbed headlines, underscores the delicate dynamics within the British royal family.

According to Radar Online, Taylor Swift has become a favorite among the British royals. "It's not just Charlotte and George who love her. Everyone's raving about her and how talented and charming she is," an insider revealed. The source further mentioned that Swift is now considered a top choice for any upcoming galas or events involving celebrities.

However, the excitement surrounding Swift's interaction with Prince William and his children has reportedly left Prince Harry and Meghan Markle feeling sidelined. The couple's frustration, sources say, stems from Meghan not being invited backstage when she attended Swift's The Eras Tour in California in 2023. Additionally, Swift had previously declined an offer to appear on Meghan's podcast, "Archetypes."

"It's no secret Meghan went out of her way to try to build a relationship with Taylor and got nowhere, so it's hard for her and Harry not to see this as a calculated way for William and the royals to undermine them further," the insider divulged. "In their view, it's patently obvious the royals - and William in particular - love to go after anything they come close to having."

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The couple, who are reportedly huge fans of Swift's music, are now even more disheartened by the recent developments. "Meghan and Harry love Taylor's music. They've made it very clear they would love some sort of relationship with her," the source added. "But now that William's made another big public connection with Taylor, any moves they make are bound to get labeled as cheap copycat attempts."

The specific incident that seems to have intensified the rift involves a backstage selfie. The photo, featuring Swift, her boyfriend Travis Kelce, Prince William, and his two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, has reportedly infuriated the Sussexes. "It's the selfie that's set them off because it's just so out of the ordinary for the royals to publicize something like that. Even William's fans have branded it as shade towards the Sussexes," the insider confirmed.

This latest episode is not the first time Swift's interactions have caused a stir within royal circles. Her refusal to appear on Meghan's podcast, coupled with the recent snub at her concert, has compounded feelings of exclusion for Harry and Meghan. "Once again, they're feeling like the outsiders - and it hurts," the source noted.

Swift's growing rapport with the royal family highlights the contrasting paths the two brothers have taken. While William continues to embrace his role within the royal framework, Harry's decision to step back from royal duties and relocate to the United States has created a chasm between the siblings. This divide is further exacerbated by their differing approaches to public life and relationships.

As the royal family navigates these tensions, Swift's involvement, albeit inadvertent, underscores the complexities of their interactions with high-profile celebrities. The pop star, known for her charm and talent, now finds herself a pawn in a much larger game of royal dynamics.

Prince William's selfie with Swift and his children, while seemingly innocent, has become a symbol of the broader discord within the royal family. It highlights how even casual interactions can have significant implications in the world of royalty, where every gesture is scrutinized and every relationship is politicized.