Ben Affleck appears to be reaching a breaking point as his marriage to Jennifer Lopez continues to face significant challenges. Recent events have heightened concerns over the actor's sobriety, culminating in a tense confrontation with photographers outside his Los Angeles home. This incident, which occurred on June 23, has led to speculation that Affleck's patience and emotional resilience are being severely tested.

A source close to the situation told In Touch, “It's not surprising he snapped. He's at his breaking point. People close to Ben have been concerned about him for some time because of what he's gone through in the past couple of months.” The pressures of his personal life, coupled with his history of struggles, seem to be weighing heavily on the actor.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Affleck was seen exiting his car and confronting photographers who were stationed outside his Beverly Hills mansion. Clearly agitated, he reprimanded them for their dangerous behavior, particularly their use of flash photography as he was driving. "You're gonna get me into an accident," Affleck shouted. "Don't flash your lights when someone is driving down the driveway. Don't do that. That's dangerous. Stop. It's dangerous what you guys are doing, don't you understand? I can't see! You're gonna get somebody hurt doing this s---."

Affleck’s outburst highlights the immense pressure he is under, both from the relentless paparazzi and his turbulent personal life. The actor has recently moved out of the marital home he shared with Lopez and into a rental property just two blocks away from his ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s residence. This move underscores the depth of the current marital discord and Affleck’s need for space.

Jennifer Garner, who shares three children with Affleck, has been a consistent support system for him. She has reportedly visited him several times, driven by concerns that he might relapse. Garner’s presence in Affleck’s life is a stabilizing force, especially as he navigates this tumultuous period.

In contrast, Lopez, who recently canceled her tour citing a desire to spend more time with her family, has not been as present. According to the source, “The funny thing is that when J. Lo announced her tour cancellation, she said she wanted to spend more time with her family, but she spends minimal time with them, and she truly doesn't seem bothered by what Ben is going through.” This perceived lack of concern from Lopez has only added to Affleck’s stress.

Despite the ongoing marital issues, Affleck has remained deeply committed to his children. His focus on their well-being is evident, even as he grapples with his personal struggles. The actor’s dedication to his kids is a priority, underscoring the complex dynamics at play in his relationship with Lopez.

The tension between Affleck and Lopez has been brewing for months. Affleck’s recent behavior suggests that the strain is beginning to take a toll on his mental and emotional health. The pressure of living under constant scrutiny, coupled with the demands of maintaining sobriety and managing a high-profile relationship, appears to be pushing him to his limits.

Affleck’s outburst at the paparazzi is a stark reminder of the intense pressures that come with fame. His plea for them to consider the safety of his daughter, who was also present during the incident, highlights the intersection of his personal and public life. The situation underscores the challenges of parenting in the spotlight and the lengths to which Affleck is willing to go to protect his children.