Kanye West, the controversial rapper and fashion mogul, is facing accusations of using delaying tactics in a high-profile lawsuit involving The Gap. Legal documents obtained by In Touch Weekly reveal that Art City Center, the plaintiff in the case, has raised objections to West's lawyer, Brian Brumfield, being dropped from the case.

According to Brumfield, West terminated their relationship on June 21, 2024, and has since refused to communicate or pay for legal services. Brumfield's sudden withdrawal request has led Art City Center to urge the court to deny the motion if it could result in delays to the trial. As of now, the court has not granted Brumfield's request to withdraw as West's legal counsel.

The legal battle stems from a lease agreement between Art City Center and The Gap for a building in Los Angeles, which served as the storefront for West's Yeezy clothing line. The lease, which ran from April 2021 to March 2022, required The Gap to pay $104,000 in monthly rent and an additional $8,000 for parking fees. The agreement also prohibited any modifications to the property.

Art City Center's lawsuit alleges that The Gap made numerous significant and unapproved modifications to the building, seeking $800,000 in damages. The Gap, however, has denied all allegations. The retail company argues that West and his team were responsible for the unauthorized alterations, which led to the lawsuit.

The conflict between West and The Gap dates back to their partnership initiated in 2020, with plans for Yeezy products to be sold in Gap stores. However, the collaboration fell apart in 2022 when West terminated the agreement, citing "noncompliance" by The Gap.

"The performance of the work not only breached the Strategic Agreement, but the manner of preparing for and performing the work caused the need for the repairs and restoration alleged in the complaint," The Gap stated in their defense.

The Gap has countersued West for more than $2 million, asserting that their contract with him stipulated that they should not be held liable for any claims involving unauthorized alterations. This countersuit adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing legal saga.

Art City Center's objections to Brumfield's withdrawal come at a critical juncture in the case. The company fears that granting the motion would delay the trial, prolonging the resolution of their claims against The Gap and West. This latest development underscores the contentious nature of the lawsuit and the challenges in reaching a resolution.

Legal experts suggest that the court's decision on Brumfield's withdrawal could significantly impact the timeline of the trial. If the court denies the motion, West will be forced to continue with Brumfield as his counsel, potentially expediting the proceedings. Conversely, if the motion is granted, West will need to secure new legal representation, which could result in delays.

Kanye West's legal troubles are not new, but this case highlights the intricate web of agreements and disputes that often accompany high-stakes business partnerships. The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications for West's business ventures and his ongoing relationship with The Gap.

As the court deliberates on Brumfield's withdrawal request, all parties involved are bracing for the next phase of this legal battle. The stakes are high, and the resolution of this case will be closely watched by the fashion and retail industries.