Prince William has harbored a longstanding grudge against his uncle, Prince Andrew, over an incident involving his wife, Kate Middleton, according to royal expert Richard Kay. The tensions between the two royals date back to when Prince William first introduced Kate to the royal family, and Prince Andrew allegedly was "unwelcoming" to her.

"William has long held a grudge against Andrew for being unwelcoming when he first introduced the then Kate ­Middleton to the Royal Family and feels that his father has been too soft on him," Kay, a former royal correspondent and Editor-at-Large at the Daily Mail, stated. This perceived slight has influenced William's stance on his uncle's standing within the royal household, and the Prince of Wales believes that King Charles has been too lenient with Andrew.

Speculation has arisen that Prince William is pushing his father to evict Prince Andrew from Royal Lodge, a grand estate that the Duke of York has occupied since 2003 under a 75-year lease agreement with the Crown Estate. As of now, Andrew's lease still has 54 years remaining. The suggestion that William and Kate might move into the Royal Lodge has added fuel to the fire, although the couple reportedly has little interest in relocating from their current home, Adelaide Cottage, where they are quite content.

Royal historian and author Gareth Russell told GB News that moving the Prince and Princess of Wales into Royal Lodge would be logical due to the residence's high-profile history within the royal family. However, Russell acknowledged that William and Kate seem satisfied with their more modest living arrangements and show no strong desire to move.

The grudge against Prince Andrew is not just about past grievances. William is believed to have played a significant role in the decision to remove Andrew from his offices at Buckingham Palace. Additionally, he has been vocal about banning Andrew from all official royal events. In January 2023, Prince Andrew was reportedly asked to vacate his apartment at Buckingham Palace, which he had occupied for decades. This move was part of a broader effort by King Charles to distance the royal family from Andrew, particularly in light of his controversial associations and allegations against him.

"The King has made it clear that Buckingham Palace is no place for Prince Andrew," a source told The Sun. "First, his office closed last year and now his sleeping quarters."

Prince William's protective nature over his wife, Kate, has further fueled his animosity towards family members who he perceives as having wronged her. This includes his younger brother, Prince Harry, and Harry's wife, Meghan Markle. Michael Cole, a former royal reporter, highlighted the depth of William's resentment during an appearance on GB News. Cole pointed out that William is unlikely to forgive Harry and Meghan for their public criticisms of Kate, particularly those made during the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview and in Harry's memoir, "Spare."

"It goes back to Oprah Winfrey interview, then the book 'Spare' and all the things that were said in the Netflix six-part series. There is too much bad blood. William is not going to forgive that, principally because he, of course, and his wife attacked personally, his wife, Kate," Cole claimed.