Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, a Hollywood power couple since their marriage in 2012, are once again under the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons. Timberlake's recent arrest for drunk driving in Sag Harbor has reportedly brought their already strained marriage to a breaking point, insiders say.

The couple has faced numerous challenges over the years, including recurring marital issues and a past cheating scandal involving Timberlake. A source close to the pair disclosed that they have sought marriage counseling on three separate occasions within the last five years in an attempt to salvage their relationship. "They're right back where they started," an insider told Radar Online, indicating that the couple's efforts to mend their marriage have hit a significant setback.

Friends of Biel have not minced words, labeling Timberlake as a "loser" and expressing frustration over how much of Biel's life has been consumed by attempts to keep him on the straight and narrow. "Her friends think she's married to a loser and hate that so much of her life is taken up with trying to get [Timberlake] to stay on the straight and narrow," a close confidant shared. The recent arrest, they believe, serves as a wake-up call for Biel. "It's time for her to realize she can't do it alone. If he keeps going down this path, their marriage will be over."

Speculation about Timberlake’s past infidelities continues to cast a shadow over their relationship. Biel’s friends have voiced their concerns, fearing that Timberlake's alleged inability to escape his "cheater" label might lead to another heartbreak for her. "He just can't escape this 'cheater' label, and it upsets [Biel] every time. Her friends fear he'll break her heart again: Do cheaters ever change?" an insider told In Touch.

The latest series of events has indeed proven to be a critical juncture for Timberlake. Those close to Biel worry about the toll it has taken on her. "Those close to her feel like she's stuck in a dead-end relationship and are concerned about how much energy she's devoting to keeping Justin on the right path," the source added. The consensus among her friends is clear: if Timberlake doesn’t make significant changes, their marriage might not survive.

Despite the serious allegations, Timberlake has vehemently denied being drunk at the time of his arrest. He maintains that he only had a single martini before leaving the bar that night. This account is supported by a bartender at The American Hotel, who attested to serving him only one drink. The employee informed People magazine that Timberlake was served just one drink, stressing that if he had more, it wasn't at their establishment.

Public appearances by Biel following the arrest have fueled further speculation about the state of their marriage. Notably, she was seen without her wedding ring, sparking rumors of a potential split. However, she later surprised many by attending one of Timberlake’s performances, where she was seen enthusiastically singing along with the audience, perhaps suggesting a willingness to support him publicly despite their private turmoil.

The couple's relationship has weathered several storms, but this latest incident has brought their issues to the forefront once again. As Timberlake and Biel navigate this challenging period, it remains to be seen whether their marriage can withstand the mounting pressures and scrutiny.

For now, Timberlake's DWI arrest and the ensuing controversy have undeniably put a strain on their marriage, raising questions about their future together. Friends and fans alike watch closely, hoping for a resolution that brings stability and happiness to both.