George Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney, have recently made headlines with their public display of affection during an outing in Saint-Tropez, effectively dispelling rumors that their marriage is under strain. The couple was seen dining at the Mediterranean-themed Jardin Tropezina restaurant on June 25, where they were photographed holding hands and smiling, contradicting claims that they have been "leading separate lives."

The outing comes on the heels of a report by In Touch that suggested their relationship was suffering due to their demanding careers. According to an unnamed source cited by the magazine, the couple’s busy schedules were causing them to live in "their own little bubble," leading to a significant amount of time spent apart. “They are both hardcore workaholics, so it’s like they’re in their own little bubble. They are in two very different worlds 90 percent of the day. They’re leading separate lives,” the source claimed.

Despite these allegations, the Clooneys presented a united and happy front in Saint-Tropez. George, 63, dressed casually in a white polo shirt, gray pants, and gray shoes, accessorized with sunglasses and a gray blazer. Amal, 46, looked stunning in a colorful floral mini-dress, paired with sunglasses, a white shoulder bag, and nude pumps. The couple’s choice of a prime table at the restaurant, along with their relaxed demeanor, painted a picture of marital bliss.

People magazine, which obtained the photos, noted that the Clooneys often vacation in Europe and own a villa in Lake Como, Italy, not far from Saint-Tropez. Their recent public appearance seemed to reinforce the strength of their relationship, contrary to the narrative of a troubled marriage.

The couple's hectic professional lives have indeed kept them busy. George has been involved in several high-profile projects, including a reunion movie with Brad Pitt titled "Wolfs" and another film with Adam Sandler for a Netflix project directed by Noah Baumbach. Additionally, George is active behind the scenes as a producer.

Amal, a renowned international human rights lawyer, has been equally dedicated to her career. She frequently travels between London and The Hague, where the International Criminal Court is located. "She's doing so much around the world that most people don't even know about," the insider said of Amal. "Her career will never take a back seat to George's career, and she made that clear to him very early on."

Despite their busy schedules, the Clooneys prioritize spending time with their 7-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander, during their free time. However, their demanding careers mean that vacations, where their schedules overlap, are rare.

In a 2022 interview with Gayle King on "CBS Mornings" marking their eighth wedding anniversary, George and Amal spoke candidly about their relationship. They both emphasized the ease and love that underpin their marriage. "It does start with love," George said when asked about the secret to their enduring relationship. "That's sort of the whole secret to it. It's just been easy. Like the easiest thing we have done in our lives thus far. We've never had an argument."

Amal echoed his sentiments, adding, "It's madness to some of our friends." Their harmonious relationship and lack of conflict have surprised many, but their recent public appearance reaffirms their strong bond.