The relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry remains deeply strained, with little hope of reconciliation, according to royal expert Michael Cole. The tension, which has been simmering for years, has recently reached a boiling point, particularly due to Harry's public criticisms of William's wife, Kate Middleton.

The rift between the brothers has been exacerbated by a series of public revelations and accusations. Michael Cole, a former royal reporter, speaking on GB News, emphasized that Prince William is unlikely to forgive his younger brother for the personal attacks on Kate. "William has done his duty, in great contrast to Prince Harry. There's no chance of reconciliation now or in the foreseeable future," Cole stated.

Cole highlighted that the feud intensified following Harry and Meghan Markle's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the controversial details in Harry’s memoir "Spare," and the revelations in their Netflix docuseries. "There is too much bad blood. William is not going to forgive that, principally because he and his wife, Kate, were attacked personally," Cole added.

In his memoir, Harry recounted several incidents that put Kate in an unfavorable light. He claimed that Kate had issues with how Meghan planned their 2018 royal wedding, leading to a confrontation that left Meghan in tears over bridesmaid dresses. Harry also described an awkward moment when Meghan borrowed Kate's lip gloss, which was met with a grimace from the Princess of Wales.

The strained relationship was further strained when Harry and Meghan’s response to Kate's cancer diagnosis was perceived as insincere. While they wished her "health and healing," Cole described their reaction as "mealy mouthed" and lacking genuine concern.

Prince William's resolve to maintain the distance is apparent in his actions and words. Reports suggest that William has been the "enforcer" of what is described as Harry’s "absolute ban" from royal duties. William's stance reflects a broader sentiment within the royal family to prevent Harry from re-entering royal life.

Harry himself acknowledged the icy reception he received from his brother. In "Spare," he recounted a brief and cold exchange with William, who reportedly said, "You left, Harold." Harry's reply, "Yeah, and you know why," was met with William's terse, "I don't."

Cole's analysis points to a fundamental breakdown in the relationship, driven by Harry’s public disclosures and the subsequent fallout. "William looks at them and he would say what most people would say. All of this is completely unnecessary," Cole observed. This sentiment underscores the frustration and hurt that William feels, particularly regarding the public nature of Harry's grievances.

Despite occasional attempts at reconciliation, such as Harry's alleged efforts to mend ties, the path to healing appears obstructed. Meghan Markle has reportedly found Harry’s attempts to reconcile frustrating, feeling that he has been "stretching himself so thin" and "pushing his luck" with his family.

As future king, Prince William's stance is likely influenced by his responsibilities and the need to protect the royal institution. His reluctance to forgive and forget suggests that the brothers' relationship may remain fractured for the foreseeable future.