Celine Dion, the renowned French-Canadian songstress, has been candid about her ongoing battle with stiff person syndrome (SPS), a rare neurological disorder. Her new documentary, "I Am: Celine Dion," provides a deeply personal and emotional insight into her struggles with the condition. One particularly harrowing scene captures Dion experiencing a severe seizure, highlighting the seriousness of her illness and her resilience in the face of adversity.

The documentary, now streaming on Prime Video, includes a scene where Dion's doctor evaluates her body due to spasms caused by SPS. Therapist Terrill Lobo explains, "Part of the disease is that as soon as you go into a contraction, sometimes... the signal to release it, doesn't understand, so it ends up just staying in a contracted position." This insight sets the stage for one of the most distressing moments in the film.

As Dion lies face down on a massage bed, her body begins to convulse uncontrollably. The severity of the spasms escalates into a full-blown seizure. Lobo immediately calls for Valium to stabilize her nervous system. The distressing scene captures Dion groaning in pain, her body rigid and unresponsive. Her face turns red, her eyes wide open, reflecting the intense pain and fear she is experiencing.

In a moment of vulnerability, Dion breaks down into uncontrollable sobs. Despite the efforts of Lobo and his team to calm her, the pain and emotional toll are evident. Dion's tearful breakdown underscores the relentless grip of SPS and the emotional strain it imposes on her.

After being administered a nasal spray medication, Dion's seizure eventually subsides, bringing a brief respite from the agony. The documentary shows the palpable relief on her face as the seizure stops. Lobo notes that if the seizure hadn't ceased, Dion would have needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Dion says, "I don't know how to express it, like, it's just ... you know, like, to not have control of yourself?" Her words convey the helplessness and frustration that accompany her battle with SPS, offering viewers a raw and unfiltered look at her reality.

"I Am: Celine Dion" offers a poignant exploration of the singer's life, both her illustrious career and her personal struggles. It is a testament to her strength and determination to continue living and performing despite the debilitating effects of SPS.

In addition to the documentary, there are reports that Dion may be making a comeback soon. According to The Sun, organizers of the Paris Olympics have invited her to perform at the opening ceremony in July. A source close to the event said, "Celine has made no secret of her desire to make it back to the stage, and Paris would be the perfect opportunity for her to do that. Unlike other offers which are full shows, making an appearance at the opening ceremony would see Celine performing just one song."

While neither Dion nor her team have confirmed these rumors, the potential performance would mark a significant milestone in her journey back to the stage. It would also provide her fans with a much-anticipated return of the iconic singer, whose voice and performances have touched millions around the world.