Princess Anne, known for being the most active member of the British royal family, recently experienced a minor injury from a horse-related incident, leading to widespread concern among the monarchy's supporters. Despite the Palace's assurance of her recovery, rumors and speculations quickly spiraled out of control, with some even suggesting that Princess Anne had died.

On Sunday, Princess Anne, an Olympic equestrian, sustained minor injuries in an incident involving a horse. The Palace issued a statement confirming the injury but ensuring that the Princess is recovering. However, the absence of immediate photos or detailed reports led to rampant speculation and conspiracy theories online.

One user on X, formerly Twitter, speculated, "Wait a second! There were no photos of Princess Anne arriving at the hospital? We heard about the news after she arrived via palace statement? Well, now that sounds like something nefarious is DEFINITELY happening, right? She must be locked up! Fled! Died! They're phasing her out!" Another user added, "Shouldn't you be grieving Princess Anne getting bummed to death by a horse," while a different user simply wrote, "RIP Princess Anne."

Despite the wild rumors, the Palace's official statement clarified that Princess Anne is alive and recovering. TalkTV's Kevin O'Sullivan added to the confusion by suggesting that her condition might be more serious than reported. "You don't really go to a hospital for a minor injury, so it's obviously quite serious!" he claimed.

Locals near Princess Anne's residence in Gatcombe Park confirmed seeing an air ambulance on Sunday night. One neighbor reported seeing the helicopter land and expressed immediate concern for the Princess. "I saw an air ambulance landing on her estate and I thought, 'Oh my goodness, I hope it's not Anne,'" he said, per the New York Post. "And then the police helicopter started circling about ten minutes later and I thought the worst."

The neighbor continued, "I thought something awful must have happened, and I was worried a criminal might be on the loose, but the police helicopter was off pretty quickly. The air ambulance was on the ground for about 40 minutes I think -- I'm not sure if it took her to hospital but didn't look like it did as it flew off the other way. I really hope she's going to be okay."

Buckingham Palace released a detailed statement on Monday, confirming that Princess Anne had sustained "minor injuries and concussion following an incident on the Gatcombe Park." The statement added that she remains in Southmead Hospital in Bristol for observation but is expected to make a full recovery.

"Her Royal Highness remains in Southmead Hospital, Bristol, as a precautionary measure for observation and is expected to make a full and swift recovery," the statement continued. "The King has been kept closely informed and joins the whole Royal Family in sending his fondest love and well-wishes to The Princess for a speedy recovery."

Due to her injuries, Princess Anne will miss nine engagements in the coming week, including a royal visit to Canada, according to the Daily Mail.

Fans and supporters have flooded social media with well-wishes for the Princess. One user wrote on X, "Can we send get well wishes and love to Princess Anne who has suffered minor injuries and concussion and is recovering and resting in hospital." New Zealand-British journalist Dan Wootton added, "Princess Anne, the toughest member of the Royal Family, was injured by one of her beloved horses while on an evening walk at her home yesterday. She is in hospital but expected to make a full recovery -- and I expect she will be back riding soon. She will hate all this fuss."

Piers Morgan, TV presenter and broadcaster, echoed the sentiments, saying, "I wish HRH all the best. Must have been quite a bang for this indomitable lady to allow herself to be hospitalized."

Princess Anne has long been celebrated for her dedication to royal duties. In 2023, she attended 457 engagements, making her the hardest-working royal for the third consecutive year, according to People.