The rift between Prince Harry and his family continues to deepen, with royal experts pointing to Queen Camilla as a significant factor in the ongoing discord. As Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, navigate their lives in the United States, their relationship with the British royal family remains fraught with tension and unresolved issues.

Royal biographer and commentator Christopher Andersen has recently weighed in on the strained relationship between King Charles and his youngest son. According to Andersen, Prince Harry's critical remarks about his stepmother, Queen Camilla, have profoundly affected King Charles. "I think people have to realize that the one thing that Charles finds unforgivable is criticism of Camilla," Andersen told Fox News. "There's no criticism of Camilla. And unfortunately for Harry... Harry said some pretty devastating things about her."

Andersen believes that King Charles' protective stance towards Camilla has exacerbated the father-son rift. Harry's comments, labeling Camilla as the "villain" and critiquing her role in the family, have left lasting damage. "I don't think they'll ever forgive Harry for that," Andersen remarked, suggesting that Prince Harry's position within the family has been significantly compromised.

Richard Fitzwilliams, another royal expert, echoed Andersen's views on Camilla's critical importance to King Charles. Fitzwilliams described Queen Camilla as "non-negotiable" for the monarch. This sentiment was evident in King Charles' coronation invitations last year, where he emphasized that Camilla would also be crowned queen. "The King will have undoubtedly been outraged by Harry's recent attack on her in an interview to promote his memoir 'Spare,'" Fitzwilliams stated, highlighting the depth of the King's displeasure.

The estrangement between Prince Harry and his family was further underscored during his recent visit to England. Despite being in the same country, King Charles reportedly could not meet his son due to a "full program." This incident added fuel to the speculation that the familial ties were more strained than ever. Andersen suggested that King Charles' decision was influenced by Harry's previous criticisms of Camilla.

A family friend also revealed to The Daily Beast that Prince Harry's ultimatum to his father—to choose between him and Camilla—was a significant misstep. "He has forced Charles to choose, which was a very silly thing to do because Camilla and he both chose each other a long time ago," the source said. This forced choice has only solidified Camilla's position in King Charles' life and pushed Harry further away.

Tom Quinn, a royal expert and author, drew parallels between Prince Harry's actions and those of his mother, Princess Diana. "Diana famously fell out with 'the firm' as she called it and spent much of her adult life criticizing an institution she felt had let her down. Harry has taken on his mother's mantle by carrying on exactly the same kind of criticism," Quinn explained. This historical repetition has further complicated Harry's relationship with his family.

In contrast to the negative press, Prince Harry did express some familial affection by giving King Charles a public shoutout on Father's Day, calling him the family's "hero." This gesture, however, did little to mitigate the broader issues at play. King Charles spent Father's Day with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, and their three children, Violet, 18, Fin, 15, and Samuel, 12.

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