Prince Harry, once known for his close friendship with soccer star David Beckham, now reportedly feels a profound sense of betrayal. According to a source from 'Woman’s Day,' Harry's discontent stems from Beckham's burgeoning relationship with his father, King Charles, which has evolved into a significant public partnership. This development comes against a backdrop of strained relations within the royal family, particularly between Harry and his father, as well as with his brother, Prince William.

Harry and Beckham's friendship dates back to before Harry's marriage to Meghan Markle in 2018, with the Beckhams attending the royal wedding. However, tensions allegedly began to surface around that time, attributed to various issues, including leaked stories and disagreements over free clothes. Beckham's friendship with Prince William further complicated matters.

The latest twist in this saga emerged when King Charles and Beckham were photographed together, sharing laughs and exchanging beekeeping tips. The occasion marked Beckham's appointment as an ambassador for the King’s Foundation, a role that Harry reportedly believes should have been his. "David was his friend not so long ago, so it's a double blow to see him being friendly with his dad and taking an ambassadorship role that should have been for him," a palace insider claimed.

The announcement of Beckham’s new role came with a public statement from the football star, expressing his enthusiasm: "I'm particularly looking forward to supporting the Foundation's education programs and its efforts to ensure young people have greater access to nature." This public display of camaraderie and mutual respect between King Charles and Beckham reportedly left Harry feeling deeply upset.

“Harry’s head has been spinning since he saw those photos,” an insider revealed. “He can’t help but feel jealous — and betrayed.” The photos, depicting genuine affection between Charles and Beckham, are said to have intensified Harry's feelings of exclusion, especially after what he perceives as a snub by his father during a recent visit to the UK. Harry was in London for the Invictus Games in May but reportedly did not get a chance to meet his father.

"It's almost cruel that Charles has time to hang out with David and play beekeepers, but he can't meet up with his own son for 15 minutes," the source commented, highlighting the emotional toll this situation is taking on Harry. The sense of isolation is compounded by the memory of what once was a close friendship. “He and David used to be best friends, so it's a gut-wrenching reminder of another long-lost friendship,” the insider claimed. “To see David so chummy with his dad will feel like a double betrayal to Harry. He considered David a very close friend — he misses him.”

This evolving dynamic between King Charles and Beckham signifies a shift in allegiances within the royal circle, a shift that leaves Harry feeling sidelined. The Prince's emotional response underscores the broader narrative of his ongoing struggles with his family and former friends. The implications of these strained relationships extend beyond personal hurt, reflecting the complex interplay of public roles and private grievances within the British monarchy.

As Harry navigates his life away from the royal fold in California, the images of his father and former friend enjoying each other's company serve as a stark reminder of his estrangement. This development not only highlights the personal cost of his departure from royal duties but also raises questions about the future dynamics within the House of Windsor.