Kathy Griffin's estranged husband, Randy Bick, has claimed in a court filing that the comedian has barred him from their Los Angeles home, threatening to call the police if he attempts to return. Bick's filing, obtained by In Touch, alleges that Griffin is preventing him from collecting his personal belongings left in their shared residence.

In his declaration, Bick detailed the events leading up to his departure from their home. He left the weekend of December 22, 2023, after Griffin requested "time apart." The couple had participated in a couple's therapy session on December 23, 2023, but tensions escalated when Bick attempted to return home. "I packed a small duffle bag with some clothes and toiletries and left for the weekend. When I told [Griffin] that I would be returning home, she refused to allow me to return and threatened, without any basis whatsoever, to 'call the cops' if I were to return to the residence," Bick wrote.

Bick's court filing seeks an order allowing him to enter the mansion to "inventory and collect" his property with a third party present. He emphasized that they signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage on January 1, 2020. "I have always treated Petitioner (Kathy) with love and respect and have never given her a reason to feel unsafe with me in the home," he stated. "Despite the fact that she has filed for divorce, there is no reason that I should not receive the courtesy and respect that I deserve as both a long-term employee and, more importantly, her husband and partner."

The separation has drastically impacted Bick's life. He described himself as "homeless" and "suddenly unemployed and without any source of income" to support himself. As a marketing executive, Bick has been actively interviewing and pursuing new job opportunities but has not yet secured employment.

Griffin filed for divorce in December 2023, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their split. She listed December 22, 2023, as the date of their separation and requested to terminate spousal support for both parties. Additionally, she asked the court to enforce the prenuptial agreement they established on December 23, 2019. In March, Griffin revealed that she had been unable to serve Bick with divorce papers because his whereabouts were unknown. She claimed that he had not been in contact with her and had not disclosed his location. Griffin even hired a private investigator to track him down, but these efforts were unsuccessful. "[Griffin] will make further attempts to locate [Bick] and will now take steps to enter his default," her filing read.

Griffin and Bick's relationship began at a food and wine festival in 2011. The comedian had previously expressed doubts about their relationship leading to marriage due to their age difference. "Well, you know, I didn't think it would last [because] he's 18 years younger than I am," Griffin told People in 2016. "He's very sweet and very mellow. He's like a regular guy, you know, he's like a real guy. He's not like a Hollywood guy."