Jennifer Lopez is determined to keep her marriage to Ben Affleck intact, despite ongoing rumors of marital strife. The couple, whose rekindled romance has been under the media spotlight, continues to navigate the complexities of their high-profile relationship.

Sources close to the couple have revealed that Lopez is not ready to give up on her marriage to the "Justice League" actor. Despite the speculation and public scrutiny, Lopez has consistently worn her wedding ring, signaling her commitment to making the marriage work.

"One of the reasons she's still wearing her ring is that she's not given up on her marriage," an insider told In Touch. "She loves Ben and wants to make their marriage work." This determination comes against the backdrop of Lopez's three previous marriages and six engagements, highlighting her resilience in the face of personal challenges.

Lopez's previous marriages to Ojani Noa, Cris Judd, and Marc Anthony have all ended in divorce. However, the "On the Floor" singer seems particularly invested in her union with Affleck, hoping to avoid another separation.

One of the reported issues in their marriage is the lack of quality couple time. Over the past few months, Lopez, 54, has been busy promoting her new Netflix movie, which has reportedly caused a strain in their relationship. Her packed schedule has left Affleck feeling sidelined, according to sources.

"There are always people around," one source explained to In Touch. "Jennifer has a big entourage that follows her around daily - glam squad, videographers, photographers, assistants, trainers. She's tried to make Ben understand that being Jennifer Lopez is a 24/7 job."

Despite her hectic professional life, Lopez remains committed to her marriage. She recently canceled her tour to focus more on her family, showing her willingness to balance her career and personal life.

Affleck, on the other hand, is also heavily focused on his career. He has 10 producing projects lined up and is set to star in "The Accountant 2." His busy schedule and constant phone calls have also been a source of tension in their marriage.

"She was hoping Ben could help her in that area, that working with him would improve her standing as an actor," another insider noted, referring to Lopez's aspirations for collaborative success with Affleck.

Despite the challenges, both Affleck and Lopez have remained silent about the alleged issues. Their public appearances, such as attending Affleck's son Samuel's basketball game together, suggest a united front. While body language experts have noted a lack of visible affection during these outings, insiders believe that Lopez is still fighting for their relationship.

Lopez's determination to make the marriage work is further evidenced by her continued public support of Affleck. She has not addressed the rumors directly but has made it clear through her actions that she is not ready to let go of her marriage.

As the couple continues to navigate their high-profile relationship, fans and media alike remain captivated by their journey. The enduring interest in their romance, coupled with Lopez's unwavering commitment, keeps the spotlight firmly on them.

In an industry where relationships are often tested by public scrutiny and demanding schedules, Lopez's resolve to maintain her marriage with Affleck stands out. Whether their union will withstand the pressures of fame and personal ambitions remains to be seen, but for now, Lopez is firmly holding onto her marriage, ring and all.