Ben Affleck, the acclaimed actor known for his roles in films like "Gone Girl" and "Good Will Hunting," was recently photographed in Los Angeles with his trousers unzipped and unbuttoned, sparking a flurry of online reactions and further fueling rumors about his marital status with Jennifer Lopez.

On May 27, Affleck was seen shopping for vintage clothes with his 12-year-old son, Samuel, whom he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. The Daily Mail reported the outing, capturing Affleck in a button-up mint green long-sleeve shirt paired with khaki trousers and light brown suede shoes. However, it was his unzipped and unbuttoned pants that drew the most attention.

Social media users quickly took to the internet to comment on the actor's wardrobe malfunction. "Flying low there, Ben. Even the button is undone," one user noted. Another added, "Ben Affleck was interrupted on the toilet, he forgot to zip up his pants. He is very unpretentious in appearance, the exact opposite of his wife."

While some comments were critical, labeling the incident as "gross," others defended Affleck, suggesting that such mishaps are common and unfortunate only because of the constant paparazzi attention celebrities face. "He probably forgot to zip in the changing room, it can happen to everyone, especially as getting older, but most people don't get photographed by paparazzi," one user opined. Another echoed this sentiment, stating, "Could happen to anyone. We've all had wardrobe malfunctions, and most of us aren't photographed by paparazzi so we're saved the public judgment."

The photos not only highlighted Affleck's unzipped pants but also drew attention to his wedding band. Affleck, who is married to pop icon Jennifer Lopez, was previously spotted without his wedding ring in mid-May while meeting with his ex-wife Garner and their daughter Violet. This fueled speculation about potential troubles in his marriage. The Daily Mail reported that Affleck was seen driving a sleek, dark gray BMW with his left arm hanging outside the window, conspicuously missing his wedding band.

The sighting of Affleck without his ring and the subsequent appearance with his pants undone have intensified rumors of a possible divorce with Lopez. Despite the public scrutiny, neither Affleck nor Lopez has made any official statements regarding the status of their relationship.

Affleck and Lopez, who rekindled their romance after nearly two decades apart, have been the subject of intense media scrutiny since their reunion. The couple, often referred to as "Bennifer," originally dated in the early 2000s and were even engaged before parting ways in 2004. Their reunion in 2021 was met with much fanfare, and they tied the knot in a surprise Las Vegas ceremony in 2022.

The pressure of public life, coupled with their high-profile careers, has often placed their relationship under the microscope. The recent incidents involving Affleck have only added to the speculation about their marriage's stability. Fans and observers alike are eagerly waiting for any official word from the couple to either confirm or dispel the ongoing rumors.

As Affleck continues to navigate his personal life amidst public scrutiny, the actor remains a prominent figure in Hollywood. His recent films and projects continue to receive critical acclaim, further solidifying his status in the industry. However, it is clear that the public interest in his personal life, particularly his relationship with Lopez, remains unabated.