Prince William is reportedly "infuriated" by the growing comparisons between Meghan Markle and his late mother, Princess Diana. According to royal insiders, the Prince of Wales finds these comparisons "tasteless" and offensive, particularly given the distinct differences between the two women.

During Meghan Markle's recent three-day tour in Nigeria, her choice of outfits and jewelry drew attention and comparisons to the late Princess of Wales. However, this has reportedly not sat well with Prince William. A royal source explained, "William doesn’t want to deprive Harry of the right to celebrate their mother’s legacy. What bothers him is how Meghan’s paraded around as the modern-day version of Diana. He finds that beyond tasteless and offensive, not only to him but also to Kate."

Adding to the tension, Prince Harry has not consulted with Prince William about his and Meghan's plans to celebrate Diana’s life and legacy, which includes trips abroad. "The fact that the tension with the Sussexes is now impacting celebrating their mother’s legacy is beyond the pale for William," the source added. "But it’s not as though he can really speak about it with Charles and Camilla because there’s obviously history there with Diana being estranged from the royals, so he’s feeling pretty alone on this."

The insider emphasized that, in William's view, Princess Diana was a unique figure who cannot be compared to anyone else, including Meghan. "As far as William’s concerned, his mother was one of a kind. He doesn’t go around comparing Kate to her; that would be ridiculous. And he thinks it’s just as ridiculous for Meghan to be compared to her," the source stated.

Diana was known for her humility and genuine shyness, traits that endeared her to the public and fueled her charitable endeavors. "Diana was so humble and didn’t have a self-promoting bone in her body. The spotlight found her, and she was forced to contend with it," the source noted. "Her love of children was the reason she chose to be a nanny and then a school teacher, and that became the driving force in the way she lived her life."

Despite the comparisons, Meghan and Harry intend to downplay these parallels. However, the source indicated that the comparisons continue to cause friction within the royal family. "She will always be on a pedestal in William’s eyes. It’s no wonder he bristles at the idea of Meghan being held up as a modern-day Diana," the insider said.

Adding to William's frustration is what he perceives as an inappropriate narrative being pushed by Meghan's supporters. "William is fuming at how Meghan's camp of trolls is comfortable suggesting he prefers his father and his destiny over his mother's past scandals," the source revealed.

This sentiment was echoed by a former palace aide, who remarked on Diana's role in preparing William for his future as king. "Diana helped prepare William for kingship, even after the separation and divorce. She was fully committed to the monarchy and never used it as a tool for fame or money," the aide stated.