Jennifer Lopez has reportedly had enough of Ben Affleck's smoking habit and is pressing him to quit for the sake of their marriage, according to a source close to the couple. Despite Affleck's long battle with alcohol addiction, from which he is now sober, smoking remains his sole remaining vice, much to Lopez's chagrin.

According to a report from Life & Style, as relayed by OK! Magazine, Lopez has set clear boundaries regarding her husband's smoking. "J.Lo loves Ben, but she's tired of his nasty cigarettes," the insider revealed. Lopez has insisted that Affleck refrain from smoking inside their home and aims to see him quit entirely. "She hates cigarette smoke, and what's worse, she's smelling it on his clothes," the source added, noting that while Affleck now steps outside to smoke, Lopez would prefer he quit entirely.

Affleck, known for his roles in "Justice League" and "Dazed and Confused," has struggled with substance abuse in the past, seeking treatment multiple times since his first stint in rehab in 2001. He managed to quit drinking in 1997 but has found it difficult to give up cigarettes completely.

The stakes are high for the couple, who are determined to make their marriage work after rekindling their relationship years after their initial engagement and subsequent split. The source emphasized the couple's dedication to resolving their differences, "As they've grown older, they actually accept each other more and are less frustrated by their differences. In many ways, this is his story, too."

In addition to navigating personal challenges, Lopez continues to pursue her professional endeavors. She recently released a documentary that explores their relationship, among other projects including a new album and a movie. Despite reports of these projects underperforming commercially, Lopez is keen on sharing their story with the public.

During a revealing moment at the Golden Globes, Lopez shared that while Affleck prefers to keep their life private, he supports her need to express herself through her artistic endeavors. "He loves and supports her," the source reiterated, highlighting the couple's mutual commitment to supporting each other's personal and professional growth.

As they navigate the complexities of their high-profile marriage, both Lopez and Affleck are reportedly working together to address the issues that arise, showing a united front in both their personal lives and public appearances. The resolution of Affleck's smoking habit remains a poignant chapter in their ongoing story, illustrating the concessions and compromises that characterize their relationship.