Superstar Jennifer Lopez is reportedly cooperating with federal authorities in investigations involving her ex-boyfriend, Sean "Diddy" Combs, concerning allegations of sex trafficking and other serious accusations linked to the rap mogul, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Lopez, who was romantically involved with Combs from 1999 to 2001, has found herself under immense pressure amid claims that could potentially impact her career and personal freedom. An insider revealed that Lopez "has kept her mouth shut for years about her time with Diddy because she was terrified," but is now speaking out as part of ongoing federal probes, according to the Globe magazine.

The investigation gained momentum following accusations against Diddy by former producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones Jr., who filed a lawsuit alleging sex abuse and trafficking by the founder of Bad Boy Records. The lawsuit also controversially claims that Lopez, during her time with Diddy, acted as a "gun mule," helping him avoid legal scrutiny by carrying his firearm.

The situation escalated when Homeland Security agents conducted a raid on Diddy’s Miami mansion, a move that was reportedly influenced by these alarming allegations. Lopez's involvement became more pronounced following her lengthy detention after a 1999 nightclub shooting incident involving Diddy in New York. Although Diddy was acquitted and his protégé Moses "Shyne" Barrow was convicted, rumors persisted about Diddy's direct involvement and Lopez's role in the event.

Further stirring the controversy, sources suggest that Lopez might also possess information about Diddy's alleged involvement in the murder of Tupac Shakur in 1996, a claim that has haunted the rap industry for decades. Lopez allegedly heard Diddy boast about his role in the orchestration of Shakur’s fatal shooting in Las Vegas—a claim Diddy has vehemently denied.

The weight of these allegations has prompted Lopez’s current husband, Ben Affleck, to encourage her cooperation with authorities. "Ben knows how harrowing her life was when she dated Diddy, and he's pushing her hard to share what she knows," the insider stated.

This legal scrutiny comes at a time when Lopez has firmly established herself as a successful entertainer and entrepreneur, far removed from the shadows of her past relationship with Diddy. The source emphasized, “Jennifer has built an amazing career and life after Diddy. She’ll sell him out in a heartbeat if she has to!”

Diddy, on his part, has criticized the investigation as a "witch hunt" and denied all allegations related to the sex trafficking claims. His legal team is poised to defend against these serious accusations as the investigations continue.

The unfolding scenario places Lopez in a critical position as both a potential key witness and a celebrity striving to distance herself from a tumultuous past, while federal authorities piece together the complex narrative surrounding one of the music industry's most controversial figures.