The relationship dynamics between Kanye West and Bianca Censori have become a source of contention, particularly concerning Bianca's family, who are reportedly unsettled by West's apparent influence over her fashion choices.

Elia "Leo" Censori, Bianca's father and the brother to a figure once referred to as "Melbourne’s Al Capone," is among those expressing disapproval. According to insiders, the family takes issue with Bianca's revealing attire, attributing this shift in style to West's influence.

"They hate her revealing style, which is all Kanye’s idea," a source close to the family revealed, expressing their dissatisfaction by labeling the look as "trashy."

The family's grievances extend beyond mere fashion concerns, delving into the broader implications of West's control over Bianca's presentation and social interactions. Leo Censori, in particular, is contemplating a direct confrontation with West, seeking to understand the rationale behind his stylistic directives for Bianca.

The insider shared, "It wouldn’t be surprising if Leo has a sit-down with Kanye one day soon." This potential discussion is anticipated to address the double standard West might hold regarding the appropriateness of such attire for his own daughters, North and Chicago, raising questions about the consistency of his values.

Moreover, Bianca's friends have raised alarms over her diminishing presence on social media and her increasing isolation from her pre-existing social circles. This change in behavior is attributed to West's preferences, with a source noting, "Bianca has always had social media and she was active on it — until she married Kanye."

The implication is that West's desire to shield Bianca from potential online negativity has led to her withdrawal from digital platforms, a move perceived by some as another layer of control.

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has also voiced her concern, citing a specific incident in Italy where West's demands on Bianca bordered on the abusive, according to Griffin's interpretation. The public nature of the act, coupled with the knowledge of surrounding paparazzi, amplified Griffin's apprehensions about the power dynamics at play.

This complex web of family concerns, personal autonomy, and public scrutiny paints a challenging picture of Bianca Censori's transition into life alongside Kanye West.

As tensions simmer within her family, the broader implications of West's influence over Bianca's choices and freedoms remain a point of contention and concern. With potential conversations looming between West and Bianca's father, the future of this relationship dynamic and its impact on familial ties await further developments.

As these personal matters unfold under the public eye, the discourse surrounding control, consent, and individual expression within intimate relationships continues to evolve.