Amid swirling rumors and public scrutiny, the post-divorce life of NFL icon Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bündchen continues to captivate attention, particularly concerning Bündchen's burgeoning relationship with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente.

Brady, whose primary focus remains on co-parenting his children with Bündchen, is reportedly of the belief that the romance between his ex-wife and Valente predates their official split in October 2022, a perspective that adds a complex layer to the narrative of their separation.

The timeline of Bündchen and Valente's relationship has been a topic of much speculation. Initially spotted together merely weeks following Brady and Bündchen's divorce announcement, the pair's connection was later reported by People to have begun in June, albeit with a cautious approach to their burgeoning romance. Contrary to these reports, insiders close to Brady suggest a longer, more intertwined history between Bündchen and Valente, hinting at a liaison that potentially commenced before the dissolution of the Brady-Bündchen marriage.

Sources close to the situation have conveyed to the Daily Mail and TMZ that Brady's understanding of the situation is rooted in a longer timeline, with one insider suggesting an amendment to the reported start date of the romance to include "2021 after June" for accuracy. This assertion points to a more protracted and perhaps overlapping relationship timeline than previously understood by the public.

Brady and Bündchen's connection to Valente is not new; the couple had engaged with him in a professional capacity for years, with their children participating in his jiu-jitsu classes and Bündchen herself training under his tutelage. Despite the lack of a personal friendship between Brady and Valente, Brady is reportedly committed to maintaining a positive dynamic for the sake of effective co-parenting, recognizing the importance of Valente's presence in his children's lives.

The unfolding dynamics of this relationship have been further highlighted by public sightings, including a Valentine's Day encounter in Miami where Bündchen and Valente were seen kissing, signaling a deepening bond. Sources close to Bündchen have framed Valente as a pivotal support figure, particularly in the wake of her mother's passing in January, underscoring the emotional depth of their connection.

As Brady and Bündchen navigate the intricacies of their post-divorce lives, the emphasis on family, healing, and adaptation remains central. With both parties moving forward, the narrative continues to evolve, marked by new relationships, co-parenting challenges, and the ever-present glare of public scrutiny.