Caitlyn Jenner posed for Vanity Fair’s cover five years ago and the caption screamed “Call Me Caitlyn.” As she completes five years of transition, the former Olympian reveals she does not have any regrets.”

She sat down for an interview with Diane Sawyer for the first time after her transition in 2015. The 70-year-old now opened up on the fifth anniversary of her transition to an outlet and said she has “no regrets.”

Caitlyn stated she had thought she could transform the world after her transition. However, now she realizes she can just keep trying and change one individual at a time. 

The ex-Olympian was recently speaking to People Magazine on the fifth anniversary of her transition. Initially, she thought there was tremendous opportunity to transform the world because more than 50 percent of the transgender population tries to commit suicide. 

Caitlyn also observed that one colored trans woman is murdered every fortnight. However, she has declared a truce with herself. The ex-patriarch of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the Olympic gold medalist shared her experiences of changing her gender, which she thought was meant to be. 

She has also changed her name from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner after her transition five years ago. She said that it was an emotional experience for her after she saw her photograph on her updated driver’s license issued in July 2015.

However, she was also in a dilemma and thought whether Bruce deserves to be discarded in this manner or not. After all, he did many good things including bringing up 10 children. She also thought there is no “turning around” as Bruce has done what had to be done and now it is the turn of Caitlyn. 

A die-hard Republican, the star was not invited to fundraising events she had contributed for the LGBTQ community because of her political opinions, Daily Mail reports. She was hurt when they called her “controversial.”

The star added that “equality” is the need of the hour no matter who the President of the country is. She is known for her humanitarian activities and has offered scholarships to several trans students for the last three years. Also, her foundation works for trans youth in the country. 

It is interesting to note that although Caitlyn Jenner showed her true self for the first time in an interview given to Diane Sawyer in April 2015, her maiden formal introduction was in the form of a cover for Vanity Fair in July 2015.