Everyone including the stars swears by one food they cannot survive. Many celebrities have had no qualms about sharing what their favorite foods are including Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian. 


For example, the Morning Show star receives lots of compliments for her stunning figure. Yet, not many are aware that Jen is extremely fond of crunchy nachos. When the actress was asked by an outlet some years ago to name something she would not mind eating, the Friends alum said she would eat nachos even if she had to pick them from the floor. 


Also, because Jen is an exceptionally good cook, she had revealed that she usually makes nachos at home using some coconut oil and tortilla pieces. Aniston also shared her fondness for chips in an interview given in 2016, Us Weekly reported. 


When the Murder Mystery star was asked which food she found irresistible, Jen responded: “Tortilla chips.” The actress indicated that she is “powerless” when she comes across homemade and crispy tortilla chips. Jen also mentioned that she is fond of “Mexican food in general.”


Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston had also revealed in the past that she starts her day with warm lemon water and follows it up with eggs and avocado or a shake. She believes in keeping her overall approach to food pretty simple. 


For instance, the actress does not believe in going overboard with her eating habits. Jen advises to eat plenty of organic veggies and fruits, consume less sugar, and intake of tons of water to stay healthy and fit, GH reports. 


Kim Kardashian is another celebrity who loves Mexican cuisines. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star cannot get enough of chips and guacamole just like Aniston. 


The media personality revealed she can eat these foods because she sticks to a plant-based diet whenever she is not working. The founder of the KKW Beauty is also fond of eating vegan tacos. She called them her “favorite” in an Instagram Story in Jan. 2020. 


Kardashian is so fond of her version of the plant-based tacos that she also revealed it to the world through her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s website called Poosh in Feb. 2020. 


The special recipe was created for Kim Kardashian by her chef Marina Cunningham. These tacos comprise plenty of spices and although meatless, they possibly taste as delicious as the real ones. 


Finally, although Jennifer Aniston might be 51-year-old now, the actress does not appear to have any plans to slow down. She looks as ravishing as always.