Prince Andrew is reportedly grappling with deep distress following the diagnosis of his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, with malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer. This health scare comes on the heels of Ferguson's previous battle with breast cancer, amplifying concerns within the royal circle about her well-being.

A palace insider revealed to that the Duke of York is profoundly shaken by the news, fearing the potential loss of Ferguson, whom he reportedly considers not just a pivotal emotional support but also a crucial financial ally. "Andrew is terrified Sarah is going to die," the source disclosed, highlighting the depth of Andrew's concern over Ferguson's health crisis.

Despite their divorce in 1996, Andrew and Ferguson have maintained a close relationship, cohabitating at Royal Lodge in Windsor since 2008. This enduring bond has led many to view Ferguson as a stabilizing presence in Andrew's life, especially in light of the controversies that have marred his reputation in recent years.

Ferguson's diagnosis was confirmed in January, with her spokesperson describing the situation as "distressing" yet affirming her resilience and positive outlook. Ferguson herself has underscored the critical role of early detection in her case, urging the public to be vigilant about changes in moles that could indicate melanoma.

The situation is said to have elicited a highly emotional response from Prince Andrew, with reports suggesting he was visibly distraught, questioning aides about how he would cope without Ferguson's support. This reaction has reportedly raised eyebrows, with some interpreting Andrew's concerns as being somewhat self-centered amid Ferguson's health ordeal.

The backdrop to this personal turmoil is the lingering shadow of Andrew's association with Jeffrey Epstein, the infamous financier who faced sex trafficking charges before his death in 2019. Andrew's connections to Epstein have been a source of ongoing scandal, particularly after Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein's accusers, alleged she was forced to have sexual encounters with Andrew as a minor, a claim he has consistently denied. A settlement was reached in a separate lawsuit brought by Giuffre against Andrew in 2022, further entangling the Duke in public scrutiny.

Sources close to the royal family suggest that Andrew's reliance on Ferguson extends beyond emotional support, indicating that her absence would not only be a profound personal loss but could also exacerbate his existing challenges. "Frankly, [Andrew] can't survive without Sarah," an insider remarked, emphasizing the critical role Ferguson plays in Andrew's life amidst his ostracization from royal duties and titles.

As Ferguson undergoes further tests to determine the extent of her condition, the royal family, and particularly Prince Andrew, face a period of uncertainty and concern. The ordeal underscores the complex interplay of personal health crises, public scrutiny, and the enduring connections that define the lives of those within the royal sphere.