Kanye West, the renowned rapper and Yeezy founder, has completely cleared his Instagram account, removing all posts including several NSFW images of his wife, Bianca Censori. This action comes in the wake of backlash from the public and concerns from close associates about West's treatment of Censori, particularly regarding the explicit nature of the shared content and his alleged control over her public and online persona.

As of the latest updates, West's Instagram profile, followed by 18.7 million users, stands empty, devoid of any content that once depicted Censori in highly provocative attire, raising eyebrows among internet users and fans alike. Critics accused West of disrespecting his wife by publicizing images where she appeared almost nude, leading to widespread condemnation on social media platforms.

An insider confided to the Daily Mail about West's apparent domineering stance on Censori's use of social media, purportedly to shield her from the barrage of negative feedback online. This protective measure, however, is perceived by Censori's acquaintances as a veiled attempt at isolation, raising alarms about the dynamics within their relationship. "He convinced her that, since she is a star now, she has to remain a mystery, and it is creepy to those who know her as it feels like another form of control," the source revealed, highlighting the discomfort and concern among those close to Censori.

This is not the first instance of West's controlling behavior coming to light, with previous reports suggesting he had a significant influence over Censori's dietary habits and fashion choices. Such revelations have prompted discussions about the nature of their marriage and Censori's autonomy within the relationship.

Louella Alderson, speaking to The Mirror, voiced concerns over the situation, suggesting that West's actions could be interpreted as efforts to isolate and manipulate Censori. "Kanye has a history of trying to turn women into his 'projects' and molding them into his ideal image," Alderson commented, pointing to a pattern in West's relationships where he exerts influence over his partners' lifestyles and public images.

This development in West and Censori's relationship has sparked a broader conversation about the boundaries of privacy, consent, and control in the context of celebrity relationships. The act of deleting the controversial posts may signal West's acknowledgment of the public's disapproval, or perhaps a reevaluation of his approach to social media and personal boundaries. Regardless, the incident has shed light on the complexities and challenges faced by individuals in the public eye, particularly concerning their interpersonal relationships and the scrutiny they endure.