Madonna, known as the Queen of Pop, is facing legal backlash from concertgoers over the delayed start times of her shows during the recent Celebration Tour. On January 17, two disgruntled fans filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court, citing grievances with the timing of her performances in New York City.

Concertgoers Allege Contract Breach in Madonna's Celebration Tour

Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, the plaintiffs in the case, accused Madonna of breaching her contract with ticket holders by starting her performances significantly later than advertised. They claim that the concerts, scheduled to begin at 8:30 p.m., did not start until 10:30 p.m., causing substantial inconvenience. The lawsuit also names Live Nation and Barclays Center, the concert venue, as defendants.

The lawsuit argues that the delay in start times constituted not only a breach of contract but also false advertising, negligent misrepresentation, and unfair and deceptive trade practices under New York state laws. "Defendants failed to provide any notice to the ticketholders that the concerts would start much later than the start time printed on the ticket and as advertised," the lawsuit states.

Fellows and Hadden expressed that they would not have purchased tickets had they been aware of the late start times. Following the concert, they reportedly faced difficulties returning home due to limited public transportation options in the early morning hours, and they emphasized the disruption to their work and family responsibilities the next day.

A Pattern of Late Performances

The plaintiffs point to Madonna's history of tardiness in previous tours, including the 2016 Rebel Heart Tour and the 2019-2020 Madame X Tour, where the artist frequently began her concerts hours later than scheduled. They argue that this pattern of behavior has been a continuous issue throughout her career.

Madonna and her representatives have not yet publicly responded to the lawsuit. However, this is not the first time Madonna has faced legal action for late concert start times. In 2019, Nate Hollander filed a similar lawsuit against the musician for delayed performances during her Madame X tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

The recent lawsuit highlights the tension between artists' creative freedom and concertgoers' expectations for punctuality and professionalism. As the legal proceedings unfold, they will likely set a precedent for how the entertainment industry addresses such issues in the future. Madonna's response to the lawsuit, and its outcome, will be closely watched by fans and industry professionals alike.