Justin Bieber's birthday message to social media influencer Lori Harvey has stirred significant public backlash, with many considering his post inappropriate for a married man. The controversy emerged after Bieber shared a carousel of photos on Instagram, featuring Harvey and his wife, Hailey Bieber, to celebrate Harvey's 27th birthday on January 13. The post, which included a photo of Justin and Hailey kissing, was misconstrued by some followers as a picture of Justin and Harvey, leading to confusion and criticism.

The caption accompanying the photos read, "WONDERFUL CELEBRATION OF A WONDERFUL WOMAN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @LORIHARVEY LOVE YOU," which many followers found odd for a married individual to express. Some users pointed out the ambiguity of the pictures, with one commenting, "Bruh, I was just sliding left with Lori in my mind and I really thought you kissed HER on slide 3 and I was s1hook." Another added, "He made sure he posted them kissing twice."

The use of "love you" in the caption particularly raised eyebrows, as a user noted, "The photos and caption are weird for a married man."

These developments came amidst swirling rumors about potential troubles in Justin and Hailey Bieber's marriage. Speculation had been rife on social media platforms like Reddit, where users theorized about the state of the couple's relationship based on changes in Hailey's Instagram post count. One theory suggested that Hailey was preparing for a divorce and a rebranding effort away from her association with Justin Bieber.

However, the couple appeared to quash these rumors with their recent public appearances, including attending Harvey's birthday party together. Justin further reinforced the message of their united front by uploading photos from a hockey game in Toronto, captioned, "Had fun last night at the next gen game with the @mapleleafs."

Among the rumors surrounding Justin and Hailey's marriage was the suggestion that Justin had married Hailey to secure U.S. citizenship, following criminal charges in 2014. This theory, however, remains unsubstantiated.

Justin and Hailey Bieber tied the knot in a civil ceremony in New York City on September 13, 2018, followed by a more lavish wedding in South Carolina, attended by over 150 family members and friends. Despite the recent controversy and rumors, the couple continues to present a united front in public.