Elijah Blue Allman, the son of legendary singer Cher, is entangled in a complex legal situation involving his divorce from Marieangela King and a conservatorship battle initiated by his mother. Despite attempts to reconcile with his wife and dismiss the divorce proceedings, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has denied Allman’s request, as revealed in court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com.

Allman and King, married since 2013, have faced marital strife, leading Allman to file for divorce in November 2021. The case has dragged on, complicated by King's claim last year that they had reconciled and Cher’s alleged intervention by forcibly admitting Allman into rehab.

In a dramatic turn of events, Cher filed an emergency petition in December to be named as Allman’s conservator, citing his “severe mental health and substance abuse issues.” Her petition asserts that Allman is “substantially unable to manage his financial resources,” leading to concerns that any funds distributed to him would be spent on drugs, endangering his life.

In her legal filing, Cher alleges that King, whom she accuses of enabling Allman's behavior, was not supportive of her son's recovery. “Angela took steps to check Elijah out of the treatment center where he was receiving much-needed medical care,” Cher’s lawyer stated. King has vehemently denied these allegations, claiming she has been a champion for Allman’s sobriety.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, sources told RadarOnline.com that Allman and King have reconciled and are living together again. This development led to Allman's request to dismiss the divorce case, which the judge denied due to the pending temporary support stipulation.

Amidst the divorce saga, the conservatorship battle continues. Allman opposed Cher's emergency petition, asserting his sobriety and arguing against the need for conservatorship. The judge denied Cher’s request but scheduled a hearing for January 29 to allow both parties to present their case.

Allman’s attorney, in anticipation of the conservatorship hearing, requested the dismissal of the divorce case, but the judge rejected it, citing issues with the temporary support order. This decision leaves the door open for further legal proceedings.

Elijah Blue Allman, navigating the challenges of a high-profile family dispute and complex legal proceedings, continues to contend with the impact of these issues on both his personal life and public image. The upcoming court dates for both the conservatorship hearing and the unresolved divorce case are poised to reveal more about the strained dynamics within this celebrity family.