Kanye West and Bianca Censori's marriage, which has captivated public attention since its revelation, is now being viewed through a different lens. According to celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman, the union between the rapper and the Yeezy architect may be more of a strategic business move than a romantic partnership.

Speaking with The Mirror, Honigman offered her insights into the couple's relationship dynamics, suggesting that their marriage has reached a stable phase. She interprets this stability as a business-oriented approach, where both parties are looking to leverage the relationship for their respective gains.

Honigman drew the 3 of Pentacles card for Censori, which she interprets as a symbol of focused, hardworking attributes. This card, associated with the star sign Capricorn – Censori's sign – hints at a driven, business-minded approach in her relationship with West. "It says that she needs to make the relationship work in her favor somehow, perhaps in increasing her celebrity value or helping her save some pennies for a rainy day," Honigman explained.

For West, Honigman drew the Queen of Swords card, which she describes as "direct and creative." This card signifies that West might soon make public revelations about his marriage through his music. "He's got some words to say to his missus, and some facts to share about her to the world - there could be a new track dropping from the best-selling musical artist, in which he discusses his much-publicized marriage, and it's his way of being real and raw," said Honigman.

The psychic's reading concludes with the interpretation that both West and Censori see their relationship as a business venture from which they seek to extract maximum benefit. This viewpoint offers a new perspective on their marriage, which was formalized privately with a confidential marriage license in California, as per documents obtained by the Daily Mail. This approach ensured that their marriage would not become a public record, aligning with the couple's apparent business-oriented strategy.

West and Censori's marriage came a month after the rapper finalized his divorce from Kim Kardashian, adding another layer of intrigue to their relationship. The couple's decision to keep their union out of the public eye, coupled with the psychic's interpretation of their motives, paints a picture of a relationship deeply intertwined with business interests and personal branding strategies.

As public figures, both West and Censori are no strangers to the intertwining of personal and professional lives. This marriage, if seen through the lens of a business strategy, could signify a new chapter in both their careers, where personal relationships are leveraged for professional gain. While only time will reveal the true nature of their union, the psychic's insights offer a thought-provoking perspective on one of the most talked-about relationships in the entertainment industry.