American pop star Taylor Swift ran to her boyfriend immediately after her concert and shared a passionate kiss.

On November 9 (local time), Taylor Swift held her 'Eras Tour' concert at the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Taylor Swift is an American pop star who has sparked a phenomenon, giving birth to the term 'Tayloromics.' In the past ten months, she has placed 65 songs on Apple Music’s 'Today’s Top 100: Global' chart, earning her the title of '2023 Apple Music Artist of the Year.' She performed in Argentina, connecting with local fans.

A special guest was present at Taylor Swift's concert. It was her boyfriend, American football player Travis Kelce. According to recent reports by American media, Travis Kelce left Kansas City after attending a charity gala and headed to South America. Given that Taylor Swift was preparing for a concert in Argentina, Travis Kelce’s move to South America garnered significant attention.

Though Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were wrapped in dating rumors, they had not released any official statements. However, Taylor Swift caught attention when she appeared at a Kansas City Chiefs game, where Travis Kelce plays.

The romantic relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce was captured by everyone. After finishing her performance, Taylor Swift ran to embrace Travis Kelce, who was none other than her rumored boyfriend. The moment of their embrace and kiss was captured by fans' cameras attending the concert. Afterwards, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were known to have enjoyed a date at a restaurant.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has been nominated in six categories for the 66th Grammy Awards.