Country legend Dolly Parton, known for her timeless hits and distinctive voice, is venturing into new musical territories. With the upcoming release of her rock album "Rockstar," Parton is not just embracing the genre that recently honored her with a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction but is also contemplating a future that includes gospel and blues.

In an intimate conversation with Robin Roberts for the ABC News special "Dolly Parton: From Rhinestones to Rock & Roll," Parton shared her aspirations and reflections on a career that continues to evolve. "I've done gospel songs too, and I've had a few things. But I would love to do a great, uplifting, inspirational album," Parton expressed, revealing her deep connection to faith-based music.

"Rockstar" is a testament to Parton's versatility, featuring collaborations with music icons like Elton John, Paul McCartney, and Sting. Yet, it's her partnership with goddaughter Miley Cyrus that illuminates the album. Their cover of Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" intertwines with Parton's own "I Will Always Love You," creating a poignant musical conversation between the two artists.

Parton's admiration for Cyrus is palpable. "I love her like a child. I love her like my own," she said. This familial bond has sparked speculation about a potential album collaboration, which Parton doesn't dismiss. "I just really think maybe one day we might even get to do an album together," she hinted.

Beyond the recording studio, Parton's ambitions stretch to the bright lights of Broadway. She is currently developing her life story into a musical, aiming for a spring 2025 debut. This project isn't her first brush with Broadway; her 1980 film "9 to 5" was adapted into a musical in 2009, featuring her music and lyrics.

As Parton continues to explore different genres and mediums, she remains grounded in her roots. "I'll always do my country music," she affirmed, ensuring fans that the Dolly Parton they know and love will continue to shine, regardless of the stage or style she chooses to embrace.