In a candid revelation, pop icon Britney Spears has addressed the frequent nude photos she shares on her Instagram account. This comes ahead of the release of her memoir, "The Woman in Me," set to hit shelves on October 24. Spears's decision to frequently post such images has been a topic of discussion among fans and critics alike, and now the singer has provided insight into her motivations.

Britney Spears, known for her chart-topping hits and tumultuous personal life, explained in her book, “I know that a lot of people don’t understand why I love taking pictures of myself naked or in new dresses.” She further elaborated, “But I think if they’d been photographed by other people thousands of times, prodded and posed for other people’s approval, they’d understand that I get a lot of joy from posing the way I feel and taking my own picture.” Over recent years, Spears has been active on social media, sharing numerous photos, including those of her on the beach, on horseback, and around her residence, often without clothing.

However, these posts have not been without consequences. The provocative uploads have reportedly strained her relationship with her two sons, Sean Preston, 18, and Jayden, 17, whom she co-parents with ex-husband Kevin Federline. Jayden, in an interview with the UK’s ITV last year, expressed his concerns, stating, “This has gone on for years and years and years, and there’s a high chance that this is never going to really stop.”

Britney's conservatorship, which spanned from 2008 to 2021, and her subsequent behavior have resulted in her not seeing her sons for almost two years. Kevin Federline, in his conversation with ITV, tried to provide a perspective on Spears's posts, suggesting they are “just another way [Britney] tries to express herself.” Yet, he also acknowledged the challenges their teenage sons might face, especially with peers at school, due to their mother's public posts.

Adding to the family dynamics, Kevin, along with Sean Preston and Jayden, recently relocated to Hawaii. Although they didn't bid an in-person farewell to Britney, it was confirmed by Page Six that the singer had a phone conversation with her sons in August, before their move. Despite the distance and strained relations, Britney's love for her children remains evident. She dedicated her upcoming book to her sons, referring to them as the “love of [her] life.”

The memoir also sheds light on other family issues. An excerpt from the book, as obtained by Us Weekly, recounts a disturbing incident involving Britney's father, Jamie Spears, and her son Sean Preston. Spears wrote, "My son went to lock himself in a bedroom to end the fight, and my dad broke down the door and shook him." This event led Kevin Federline to file a police report against Jamie Spears, resulting in a three-year restraining order against the patriarch.

An insider shared with OK! Magazine about the incident, stating that while "Preston was not physically injured," he was undoubtedly "very scared and shaken up."

Britney Spears's memoir promises to offer a deeper look into her life, her struggles, and her journey to find herself amidst the chaos. As fans eagerly await its release, it's clear that the pop star is ready to share her truth, unfiltered and raw.