In a recent revelation, Meghan McCain, former co-host of 'The View', has expressed her dissatisfaction with the show's approach to booking conservative guests. McCain, who served as a host on the popular talk show from 2017 to 2021, shared her sentiments during a podcast episode where she was joined by conservative politician Ted Cruz.

Cruz highlighted an instance when he had expressed interest in appearing on 'The View' to promote a book. Despite having been a guest on the show in the past, Cruz was turned down. Recounting the incident, Cruz said, "We called The View and said, 'Hey, Cruz has another book, would you have him on?' and they said, 'No, we don't want him back.'" McCain responded to this by asserting that the show seems to prefer "dumb Republicans."

McCain further criticized the show, stating, "From a booking perspective, they can't get Republicans on the show." Her departure from 'The View' in 2021 came after a four-year stint, during which she has previously voiced concerns about the treatment she received as a conservative woman on the panel.

The podcast episode didn't just focus on 'The View's' guest booking policies. The conversation also delved into the perspectives of McCain's former colleagues on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Cruz mentioned that he uses several clips, including some from 'The View', where panelists appear to be "just repeating propaganda." One such clip featured the show’s legal expert, Sunny Hostin, discussing Israel's military response to Hamas' attacks. McCain expressed her disagreement with the clip, stating, "I think that clip from The View was arguably the worst."

Hostin, in the mentioned clip, had informed 'The View' audience about the international human rights body of law. She emphasized that retaliation against innocent civilians is considered a war crime under this law.

This isn't the first time McCain has been vocal about her experiences on 'The View'. Earlier in the year, she penned a column detailing her time on the show, likening her exit to a tumultuous breakup. She also referenced an interview with Rosie O’Donnell, a former host of 'The View', where O’Donnell criticized co-host Whoopi Goldberg. O’Donnell had said, "Whoopi Goldberg was as mean as anyone has ever been on television to me, personally - while I was sitting there." McCain resonated with O’Donnell’s sentiments, drawing parallels between her own experiences and those of the comedian.