Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has been a figure of intrigue and speculation ever since her relationship with Prince Harry became public. From her transition into the British royal family to her subsequent departure from it, every move has been closely watched and analyzed. Now, as she contemplates her next steps, there's a buzz around her potential re-entry into Hollywood and even a foray into politics.

Meghan's recent hiatus from the public eye has been seen by many as a calculated move. Royal author Emily Andrews believes that Meghan has been meticulously planning her next professional steps. Andrews stated, “It was no accident that over the summer, we saw rather more of Meghan than for all of the past year." She further elaborated that Meghan's "sudden willingness" to embrace a more private life seems to have waned. The Duchess's association with the Hollywood power broker agency, William Morris Endeavour (WME), is seen as a strategic move to maximize her plans for a new venture in the entertainment industry.

While Meghan's Hollywood aspirations are evident, there's also speculation about her political ambitions. Historian Dr. Tessa Dunlop highlighted Meghan's potential in the political arena, drawing parallels with celebrities like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who transitioned from entertainment to politics. Dunlop mentioned, "Like Schwarzenegger, (and dare I say it, Trump!) Meghan has immense name recognition and considerable wealth – two vital assets in the U.S. political system."

Meghan's political inclinations have been evident in the past. She has been an outspoken feminist and has expressed left-leaning beliefs. Dunlop pointed out that Meghan's ideologies align well with the Democratic party, especially in her home state of California. "Remember the little girl who talked truth to power over a gender bias TV ad? Polling suggests many Democrats agree Meghan is the right fit for them," Dunlop added.

However, the path to politics might not be smooth for the Duchess. While she has experience working at the U.S. Embassy in Argentina during her college days, her struggles with the British tabloid industry might pose challenges. Royal expert Mark Boardman expressed concerns about Meghan's ability to handle public scrutiny in a political role. He explained, "Public scrutiny would force her to make decisions based on public perception, potentially straining her relationship with fellow senators and Harry."

Boardman also highlighted the challenges of balancing family responsibilities with political ambitions. "Harry wants to work on his own projects, and he’s away a lot and she has to think of the children as well. If Meghan worked in politics she could be based anywhere, flying all over the U.S. and being away for days at a time," he noted.

Richard Palmer, a correspondent, urged Meghan to think twice before committing to public service. He mentioned, "I'm just not sure whether the rough and tumble world of politics is for either of them."

As Meghan Markle contemplates her next steps, the world watches with bated breath. Whether she chooses the glitz of Hollywood or the corridors of power, her journey promises to be as captivating as ever.