Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been spotted on a secret vacation to Canouan, an intimate island in the Caribbean known as the place where "billionaires go to escape millionaires." The couple's getaway comes after their recent trip to New York City and their advocacy work on World Mental Health Day.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were seen enjoying a stroll in cream-colored casual attire after shopping at the exclusive grocery store, Faye. A bystander managed to capture the moment, noting the couple's evident happiness. "They looked happy," a source shared. "As Harry walked out of the shop, he slightly bumped into one of the barrels [outside] and they both giggled. Meghan reached for his hand. They just looked very happy to be having a holiday together."

Before their Caribbean escape, the couple was on the East Coast for World Mental Health Day, advocating for families affected by cyberbullying. Addressing a crowd, Prince Harry expressed gratitude to the parents present, acknowledging the challenges they face. "We know it’s not easy for you guys to be here, so thank you very much,” he remarked.

Meghan, reflecting on their advocacy work, emphasized the importance of addressing the negative aspects of social media, especially for young children. "As parents, though our kids are really young, 2 1/2 and 4 1/2, but social media isn't going away," she said. The Duchess further explained that while social media was initially designed to foster positive communities, it has since devolved, leading to devastating consequences for some families. "There's no way to hear that and not try to help these families have their stories be heard," she added.

The couple's commitment to addressing the challenges of the digital age aligns with the core mission of their foundation, Archewell. Following accusations against Meghan of mistreating palace staff, the Sussexes launched a campaign against internet trolling. Prince Harry emphasized the importance of turning "pain into purpose" and providing a platform for affected families to come together, heal, and focus on solutions.

In the past month, the couple's travels have taken them to Germany, Portugal, New York, and now Canouan. Their dedication to various causes, combined with their personal journeys, continues to capture global attention.