Hollywood's renowned duo, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, seem to be under a media microscope, with concerns arising about the emotional well-being of their children, Willow and Jaden Smith. Friends and followers of the family are reportedly worried about the kids amidst public revelations about the couple's marriage.

Inside sources say, “The continuous public scrutiny of Will and Jada's relationship appears to be taking an emotional toll on both Willow and Jaden.”

Recent events, like the 2022 Oscars incident involving Will Smith, have put the Smith family further into the limelight. However, it's Jada's candid remarks on her personal life, including her relationship dynamics with Will, that have stirred conversations.

One insider commented, “The open discussion about their marital issues, especially on platforms like 'Red Table Talk,' might be proving challenging for the younger Smiths.”

Willow Smith, the 22-year-old singer, recently alarmed fans with a post that depicted a cartoon character in a hospital setting accompanied by the words, “Every time I act nonchalant. My condition worsens.” This was shortly followed by another concerning statement: “You either quit or keep going, they both hurt.”

“Our source suggests, "These posts seem to echo the sentiments of a young woman grappling with the public image of her family.”

Jaden Smith, aged 25, has also been in the public eye, particularly concerning his health. A recent post depicting Jaden with paramedics in the background has raised eyebrows and fueled concerns. While Jaden has been open about his use of psychedelic drugs in the past, the true context of this photo remains unclear.

However, these instances have made many critics point fingers at the couple, especially Jada. In past episodes of her talk show 'Red Table Talk,' she has spoken about marrying Will due to pregnancy and to meet her mother's expectations. Moreover, her previous admission about having a relationship with August Alsina, a friend of her son and 21 years her junior, sparked further debates. Jada later clarified her initial terming of the relationship as an "entanglement," stating, “It was a relationship.”

On Will's 55th birthday, when Jada extended her wishes, the internet had a mixed reaction. Many netizens expressed their concerns and frustrations with comments like, “I hope you will stop humiliating him!” and “Leave that man alone, stop destroying his life and legacy.”

While public figures are accustomed to being in the limelight, the continuous public discourse on personal matters can have ripple effects on the family. The Smith family, being no exception, appears to be grappling with the challenges of having their private lives dissected in the public domain.