King Charles is reportedly yearning for an end to the continuous criticisms and comments directed at the Royal Family by his son, Prince Harry. A source intimately familiar with the British monarch's sentiments has revealed that the relentless barrage of remarks and accusations from the Duke of Sussex has significantly impacted the monarchy. The source expressed relief that Prince Harry's recent engagements have kept him occupied, potentially diverting his attention from launching further critiques.

"Charles genuinely wishes for the ceaseless criticisms towards him and the Royal Family to conclude. If Harry's newfound commitments make him reconsider his stance, especially if it's due to concerns about the image it portrays for Invictus, it's a positive development for all," shared an individual close to King Charles.

Prince Harry, along with his wife Meghan Markle, has been candid about their experiences and grievances with the Royal Family. Their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Harry's memoir titled "Spare," and their Netflix special are testament to their openness. Despite King Charles' hope for a more compassionate approach from his son, sources indicate that Prince Harry has firmly distanced himself from his British roots.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to reports, have little inclination to spend time in England. Royal historian Gareth Russell commented, "[The Sussexes] currently display minimal interest in returning to the U.K., except for legal proceedings rather than royal engagements." Another insider highlighted Meghan's apparent reluctance to visit London. "It seems Meghan has no intention of gracing London with her presence. The couple's joint appearance is being reserved for Germany, where the Duchess will support Harry during the Invictus Games' closing ceremony," stated Dr. Tessa Dunlop, a renowned royal historian.

Dr. Dunlop further elaborated on Meghan's absence from London, suggesting it might be more about her feelings towards Britain than any strain in the couple's relationship. "Meghan's decision to skip a London visit likely reflects her aversion to Britain. She probably feels the nation doesn't merit her presence. Additionally, there's the unresolved matter of the couple's security in the U.K. and the ensuing debate over its funding," she explained.

The continuous revelations and public discussions about the Royal Family have kept the global audience intrigued, waiting for the next chapter in this ongoing royal saga.