Demi Lovato, the multi-talented singer and actress, has always been candid about her personal life, sharing her struggles and triumphs with fans worldwide. In a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Lovato delved deep into her past relationships, shedding light on her history of dating older men and how she's now found a harmonious balance in love with her current boyfriend, Jordan "Jutes" Lutes.

During the candid conversation, Lovato reflected on her past relationships, attributing her attraction to older men to unresolved "daddy issues." These emotional challenges, she believes, stemmed from a strained relationship with her father. "I can say with confidence that my daddy issues aren’t anything that are inside of me anymore," Lovato shared with Stern. This revelation comes as a significant milestone in her journey of self-awareness and personal growth.

Highlighting the changes in her romantic choices, the "Heart Attack" singer pointed out that she's now with a partner close to her age. She candidly remarked on her past relationships, stating she "looks back on [her] past" of dating older men and thinks "that's gross." Notably, Lovato previously dated actor Wilmer Valderrama, known for his role in "That '70s Show," for six years. Despite their nearly 13-year age gap, their relationship was a significant part of Lovato's life.

However, the winds of change have brought new love into Lovato's life. The singer couldn't be more content with her current relationship with Jutes, with whom she went public in August 2022. Describing their bond, Lovato gushed, "There’s this partnership there that is just so magnetic, and the way that we laugh together. It’s just nonstop." The 31-year-old "Camp Rock" star even hinted at the possibility of a future together, encompassing marriage and starting a family.

Their love story began in a recording studio during the production of Lovato's album "Holy Fvck," released in August of the previous year. Recounting their first meeting, Lovato confessed, "He came in to write on one of my sessions and I was in the studio and was immediately attracted to him. I texted my friends on the side and was like, 'He’s so hot!'"

As Lovato continues to evolve both personally and professionally, her relationship with Jutes stands as a testament to the transformative power of love. Offering a piece of advice to her fans, she stated, "I think if you can find someone that makes you feel safe, that you’re so attracted to, that you laugh with constantly, that’s the formula of a really great relationship."

In the spotlight's glare, Demi Lovato's journey underscores the challenges and rewards of navigating love, personal growth, and the quest for genuine connection.