Paul Simon, the iconic singer-songwriter, is confronting one of the most challenging phases of his life: a significant hearing loss that has been affecting his live performances. Despite the adversity, Simon remains resilient, searching for ways to adapt and continue sharing his music with the world.

About two and a half years ago, Simon began experiencing hearing issues, with the loss now so profound that he retains only about 8% hearing in his left ear. This condition has inevitably impacted his live shows, but Simon emphasizes that his voice remains as robust as ever.

During a recent Q&A session at the Toronto Film Festival, the singer opened up about his journey with hearing loss. He expressed that while he hasn't fully come to terms with the condition, he's gradually learning to accept it. Simon reminisced about the days when, after completing an album, he would embark on a tour, allowing him to delve deeper into the music. This process would often lead to the evolution of his songs, taking them to new heights. Now, with his hearing challenges, this routine has been disrupted.

The 81-year-old legend, known for hits like "You Can Call Me Al," is exploring different ways to perform live. He's considering working with two guitarists to see if that setup might help him sing "Seven Palms" flawlessly. Despite the setbacks, Simon finds solace in playing his guitar daily, a testament to his unwavering passion for music.

Earlier in July, Simon shared his struggles rehearsing with his touring band. The challenge of performing amidst hearing loss became evident, and he acknowledged that he hasn't yet found a way to manage it. In a candid conversation with The Times, Simon recalled the onset of his hearing issues. It began while he was working on his album "Seven Psalms." Initially, he hoped it was a temporary setback, but his hearing never fully recovered, leading him to question his future in live performances.

However, it's not just the hearing loss that has tested Simon's spirit. His battle with COVID-19 has also taken a toll on his physical health over the past years, leaving him feeling frail.

Despite the challenges, Paul Simon's dedication to his craft and his determination to find solutions exemplify the spirit of a true artist. As he navigates this difficult chapter, fans worldwide stand by him, eager to hear more from a musician who has touched so many lives with his songs.