In the world of talk shows, disagreements are not uncommon, especially when the topics are as polarizing as politics. "The View," a daytime talk show known for its lively debates, recently witnessed a series of intense discussions between co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin. However, Hostin has now come forward to address the rumored tension between the two.

During the last season of "The View," viewers observed several heated exchanges between Hostin and Farah Griffin, leading to speculation about a possible feud. But in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight's Rachel Smith, Hostin dispelled these rumors. "It’s funny, I don’t feel that way," she remarked, referring to the alleged animosity. She further elaborated, "I think when you are on the outside looking in, it may look heated, but it really isn’t. It's just people that are passionate about a topic."

One of the most talked-about debates occurred when the panelists discussed politics, prompted by co-host Joy Behar. The discussion took a turn when Farah Griffin, former White House Director of Strategic Communications, reiterated her decision not to vote for President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. She argued that her "one vote" wouldn't make a difference, a stance that Hostin found objectionable. "Every vote counts and your vote counts," Hostin responded firmly.

The debate further intensified when Farah Griffin questioned the Democratic party's support for Biden, asking, "Why is your candidate not doing better with Democrats? That's who he needs to win." Behar tried to intervene, suggesting that perceptions about Biden's age might be a factor. However, Farah Griffin was quick to clarify her stance, stating, "Joe Biden is not doing poorly because I won't vote for Joe Biden! Let me just make that clear!" Hostin countered by emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the country over party affiliations.

The exchange culminated in a cacophony of voices, with Behar humorously exclaiming, "Oh, it's chaos!" as the co-hosts continued to talk over each other.

While such debates are par for the course on "The View," they often spark discussions and debates among viewers and fans. However, as Hostin's recent comments suggest, what may appear as a feud to outsiders is often just a manifestation of the co-hosts' passion for the topics they discuss.