One year after the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the British royal family finds itself navigating a complex web of emotions, relationships, and public perceptions. At the heart of this intricate tapestry is the strained relationship between King Charles and his younger son, Prince Harry.

Queen Elizabeth's demise left a void in the royal family, and her unifying presence is sorely missed, especially as the rift between Prince Harry and the royals appears to have widened. The genesis of this divide can be traced back to 2020 when Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, made the monumental decision to step back from their royal duties and relocate to the U.S. Since then, the relationship between father and son has been marked by tension and distance.

However, sources close to the royal household paint a more nuanced picture. Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, an insider revealed, “I’m sure [the King] misses him. Harry is entertaining, warm, and very loving as well. And they had a great relationship.” This sentiment is echoed by royal biographer Robert Hardman, who suggests that King Charles leans more towards compassion than discipline when it comes to family matters.

The challenges faced by King Charles are not just familial but also involve steering the monarchy through a period of change and adaptation. In this endeavor, he might find inspiration in the way his mother, Queen Elizabeth, adeptly managed public scandals, political upheavals, and family dramas during her remarkable 70-year reign. As one source aptly put it, “[The Queen] managed to navigate these choppy waters, and that’s why she was always admired and loved — because she got the family through.”

The anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's passing, which falls on September 8th, is bound to be a poignant moment for the entire royal family, especially Prince Harry. The Queen's death marked the beginning of a transformative year for the monarchy, with King Charles' accession heralding a new era.

Despite the challenges, there are glimpses of hope. While Prince Harry's recent memoir and Netflix docuseries have added fuel to the fire of royal controversies, insiders suggest that the public drama has somewhat subsided. Moreover, King Charles' approach to royal duties, which is characterized by warmth and genuine curiosity about people's lives, is being lauded by many.

Yet, the most significant hurdle remains the ongoing estrangement between Prince Harry, Meghan, and the rest of the royal family. Queen Elizabeth, in her characteristic firm yet fair manner, had made it clear that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex couldn't have a foot in both worlds – they were either in or out of the royal fold.

As the monarchy moves forward, the hope for reconciliation remains. Whether King Charles and Prince Harry can bridge their differences and rebuild their once-close bond is a question that time will answer. But for now, the world watches, hopes, and waits.