NewJeans has successfully marked their debut year by landing at #1 on the U.S. 'Billboard 200' and delivering a triumphant performance at their first U.S. concert, 'Lollapalooza Chicago.'

The group expressed their feelings about these achievements through their agency ADOR on the 7th.

Regarding topping the main album chart 'Billboard 200,' Minji said, "I was really surprised when I first heard the news. I sincerely thank our Bunnies (official fan club name) all over the world for their great support and love. I'll repay you with better music in the future."

Hanni reflected, "I know that achieving ‘Billboard 200’ #1 is not easy. I’m delighted that all the time and effort from our debut album to this album has been recognized," while Hyein stated, "It feels surreal, fascinating, and my gratitude is immense."

Danielle candidly expressed, "I feel a mix of surprise, gratitude, and a resolve to do better," and Haerin reinforced her determination by saying, "I want to show various sides of ourselves with new music in the future."

NewJeans also shared their overwhelming feelings about their debut performance at 'Lollapalooza Chicago,' the first for a K-pop girl group.

Lollapalooza is a large music festival held in Chicago, USA. The festival has stirred fans' hearts by featuring top pop stars and K-pop singers.

Minji recalled the situation at the time, "I had no idea how many people had come until the moment I stepped on stage, but I was thrilled to see so many audience members and Binki-bongs (light sticks)." Haerin added, "The atmosphere at the concert was really hot. I felt a pleasant thrill and excitement, and it was a great experience."

Hanni reminisced, "It was really like a dream. When everyone sang along to our song, I got goosebumps," and added, "It was our first festival, and I received a lot of energy. I will never forget it." Hyein revealed, "I was quite nervous before starting the stage, but once it started, I focused on the exciting atmosphere at the site. It was truly delightful to see everyone enjoying and listening to our music."

Danielle, who had dreamt of standing on such a big stage since childhood, said, "I was so happy to be on that stage," and vowed, "I will treasure and never forget the emotions of awe, gratitude, happiness, and excitement I felt at that time."

Meanwhile, NewJeans has proven their growing global influence by placing their mini 2nd album 'Get Up' at #1 on the U.S. 'Billboard 200' (dated August 5), and positioning three title tracks on the 'Hot 100.'