Jesse Watters, the rising star of FOX News, is quickly making a reputation for himself, but not in the way he might prefer. Following the departure of Tucker Carlson, Watters has seized the primetime anchor position, however, his ascent has been marked by controversy and discontent among his peers. According to insiders, Watters' abrasive attitude and questionable behavior are making him the most reviled host within the network's ranks.

Drawing comparisons to his predecessor, one newsroom insider commented, "Jesse is simply Tucker in better attire." They warned of his potentially greater threat, "His charm is deceiving, and the executives are enamored with him. Yet, his charm fades behind the scenes where he routinely tramples over his co-workers."

Watters stepped into his new role after a wave of firings at FOX following a $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. The settlement came about due to inaccurate claims about the 2020 election, perpetuated by Carlson and others.

A glance at Watters' personal life reveals further controversies. His first marriage ended in 2017 following an affair with associate producer Emma DiGiovine, whom he later married. However, sources suggest that his indiscretions didn't stop there, and he continues to make inappropriate advances towards colleagues.

One former FOX News writer recounts an uncomfortable encounter with Watters, "Even during his affair, he attempted to flirt with me in an elevator. His ego appeared damaged when I ignored him."

Watters' reportedly volatile temper became evident at a company Christmas party in 2017. Another former writer recalls Watters publicly berating her for being familiar with a story he was working on. She states, "I was shocked by his juvenile, loud, and impolite demeanor. He's one of the most dreadful individuals I've met in my TV career."

Watters' questionable antics have even spilled over to his on-screen behavior. In one segment, he mocked residents of New York's Chinatown with racist stereotypes, causing a significant backlash. In another, he probed homeless individuals at Penn Station about their drug preferences.

FOX has denied these allegations, branding them as "inaccuracies, falsehoods, and baseless accusations." However, insiders appear to contradict the official stance, labeling Watters as a backstabber. As one source remarked, "Jesse has left a trail of disgruntled colleagues. No one outside the boardroom at FOX trusts him. He seems willing to do anything to climb the career ladder."