BTS Jungkook is set to release his latest song.

At 1 PM KST on the 14th, Jungkook will unveil his solo single 'Seven' and officially begin his solo career. While Jungkook has previously released solo tracks like 'Still With You' and 'My You' as free music, his formal solo project only begins now.

■ "A Song that Immediately Captivated Me"... Jungkook's Summer Song 'Seven'

Ahead of the release of 'Seven,' Jungkook shared his thoughts on the song and his feelings about launching his solo career via BigHit Music. He described 'Seven' as "a highly addictive song that anyone can easily and comfortably enjoy," adding, "As soon as I heard it, I felt 'I have to do this'. It's rare to come across a song that immediately hooks you, and I really liked it."

'Seven' is a summer song that anyone can enjoy, blending a catchy melody with the warm sound of an acoustic guitar and the rhythm of the 'UK garage' genre, a type of electronic music that originated in the UK in the early 1990s. It's a passionate serenade containing lyrics about wanting to spend every day of the week with a loved one. Jungkook's melodious vocals elevate the song's charm and perfection.

Through 'Seven', Jungkook plans to fully showcase his personality and charm, emitting a unique 'aura' not as Jungkook of BTS, but as solo artist Jungkook.

■ From Andrew Watt and Cirkut to Scooter Braun, Latto, and Han So-hee... A Glittering Array of Stars Assemble for 'Seven'

From the song's creation to its music video, a host of glittering stars have collaborated on Jungkook's solo project.

Grammy-award-winning music producer and songwriter Andrew Watt and Cirkut have taken part in the production and creation of 'Seven', helping to craft a song that clearly reflects Jungkook's musical color.

In addition, American rapper Latto has injected 'Seven' with dynamic and exciting energy through a feature. Actress Han So-hee also contributes to the synergy by appearing in the music video. A teaser video released on the 13th immediately captivated global fans, exceeding one million views within just 10 minutes of posting.

Furthermore, Scooter Braun, the CEO of HYBE America, has also actively participated in the creation process of 'Seven', and throughout Jungkook's solo project as a whole, lending his support.

Reflecting on the creation process of 'Seven,' Jungkook said, "I've been thinking about how more people could enjoy 'Seven'. 'Seven' was the first genre I've ever challenged, and the process was fresh. There were a lot of things I could learn while recording. It was new and good."

Meanwhile, Jungkook will be making his first appearance at the '2023 Summer Concert Series' on ABC on the 14th (local time), where he will reveal the stage for 'Seven' for the first time.