Renowned actress Jada Pinkett Smith is reportedly struggling to grapple with the aftermath of the infamous 'Slapgate' incident involving her husband, actor Will Smith, at the 2022 Academy Awards. According to insiders, the incident has taken a toll on their relationship, amplifying the strain and bringing their marriage of 26 years to a critical juncture.

"Jada feels she's become collateral damage in the fallout from the Oscars incident," shared an inside source. The incident involved Will Smith confronting comedian Chris Rock on stage following a joke directed at his wife, Jada.

Jada believes that the public backlash following the incident contributed to the cancellation of her Facebook TV show, 'Red Table Talk.' Despite the platform citing restructuring as the reason for the show's termination, Jada is convinced that the cancellation was not due to dwindling audience numbers.

Caught in the crosshairs, she is now eager to relocate her show and is seeking Will's assistance in the endeavor. The source revealed, "Jada is adamant that Will should contribute in rectifying this predicament swiftly. However, it's a challenge as Will's influence has suffered a considerable setback."

Should Will fail to salvage 'Red Table Talk,' it may exacerbate the tensions in their already beleaguered marriage, insiders caution. The couple's relationship was severely tested in 2020 when Jada's relationship with rising singer August Alsina, 30, became public.

"The future of their marriage hinges on how Will responds to this crisis," the insider warned. "If he doesn't resolve this, it's uncertain how Jada might react. Forgiveness doesn't seem likely in the current scenario."

As the Smiths navigate these challenging times, their relationship stands at a precipice, with the future of their marriage and 'Red Table Talk' hanging in the balance.

National Enquirer reported on the source's comments.